Fashion trends change every season – some become classics, others disappear into fashion nirvana after short catwalk fame and reappear 20 years later. It is the same with sunglasses: some models have been on view for years because they have become the trend, such as the aviator silhouette. Other sunglasses, such as extremely small versions or wide temples, are only worn for a few seasons.

In this warm summer season, you need to protect your eyes from the sun and look fashionable at the same time. So it’s a cool idea to match your sunglasses with the outfit because mismatching might ruin your gorgeous looks. Let’s have a look at the 5 models of sunglasses that you can choose from this summer to stay classy and fashionable.

Cat Eye Fashion Women Vintage Sunglasses

They are big, angular, and look familiar to us, the Cat Eye Fashion Women Vintage Sunglasses. This summer, too, many sunglasses are reminiscent of the models from the 1970s and the Summer of Love. Cat eye glasses are quite popular and have been for decades due to its wearability, and it suits a wide range of faces and outfits.

The frame width comes at 147mm, the eyepiece is 63mm wide and 52mm high. The bridge gaps 18mm, which is a pretty decent size and will be comfortable. Its temple runs 141mm.

Oversized Frame Square Women Travel Beach Sunglasses

A few rough edges have rarely harmed anyone. This is also not the case with sunglasses this summer. Because square black sunglasses are trendy. In the look book for this season, Oversized Frame Square Women Travel Beach Sunglasses are yours to wear. These glasses are suitable for any face and any occasion or outfit as well. Your eyes are protected from all sides as the temples are also covered.

Men Women Sun Protection Sunglasses

Men Women Sun Protection Sunglasses has the coolest Shields model for summer. The lenses of these sunglasses are more ideal for strenuous activities in the sun as the UV400 protection keeps your eyes safe. The white color frame, in particular, is the most eye-catching one, but you can go with the color of your choice. Its thinner frame is wide enough to make a statement look with any of your outfits. 

The frame width is 143mm, and the length of the temples is 140mm that hugs your face nicely. The nose bridge is a little narrow at 16mm, but it’s not uncomfortable.

Fashion Metal Curved Half Rimless Sunglasses

Gone are the days when you had to limit yourself to a small range of sunglasses. You can finally enjoy comprehensive protection for your eyes from sun and wind with these perfect Fashion Metal Curved Half Rimless sunglasses. 

With the lenses for sunglasses, you can choose the color and the gradient yourself. With these models with strongly curved lenses, you always have a glare-free view. The thinly curved metal frame has an elegant curve that runs down the temple. You will look more classy in the evening with a skirt or mini dress.

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