4 reasons why art is therapeutic

4 reasons why art is therapeutic

We’ve covered the different ways you can use art to decorate your home. Perhaps you’re considering it too, but you’re wondering if art is purely superficial or if it is actually beneficial for you. It’s a fair question. Art can demand a lot of time, effort, and sometimes even money. If you’re going to put so much into it, you would want to know what you’ll get back in return.

Today, we’ll tell you how art can greatly benefit your well-being. Let’s look at the 4 reasons why art can be therapeutic.

1. Art puts you in your comfort zone

We’ve all heard that we need to go outside our comfort zone in order to grow, and that part is true. Yet not enough emphasis is put on our need to return to our comfort zones in order to recuperate after our daily battles with the world. It’s good to grow as a person, and in today’s fast past world it’s needed; but, every so often, we need to return to our comfort zones in order to recharge.

Recharging means different things for everyone. Art has many forms, it can be music, movies, TV shows, paintings, sculptures, etc. What matters is that art reinvigorates you. When you’re too tired and need a break, art puts you in your comfort zone, so you can recharge.

2. Art can relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression

If you’ve ever seen a Bob Ross video, you already know this. For those of us who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression, art can provide a refuge. There’s a form of therapy called art therapy, which involves creating art. It’s been shown to not only immensely benefit people who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression, but it also provides them with a way to understand themselves better through creating art.

3. Art can provide us an outlet for our creativity

When we were growing up, a lot of us thought about exciting careers we would go into and be our creative selves. Sadly, in reality most of us don’t end up in our dream careers. However, just because you’re not in your dream career doesn’t mean you have no outlet for your creativity. Find an art form that really resonates with you, and use it to express yourself. Maybe you’ll even be able to liven up your workspace with art that you’ve created and, as a consequence, you’ll be able to enjoy your work more.

4. Art can also prevent cognitive decline

Physical exercise is great, but if you really want to keep your edge while you age, start creating some art. A 2017 research by Mayo Health Clinic found that people who create art, in any form, are at a much lower risk of age-related cognitive decline. They were also shown to be significantly better at spatial reasoning and emotional resilience. This just goes to show that art is not just good medicine, it can also be used for prevention.

Today, we covered just a few ways detailing how art can greatly benefit your well-being, and how you can use it as a therapy. We hope this article encourages you to integrate art even more into your life, so you can reap its benefits. Let us know how you intend to do so, and keep unleashing your creativity!

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