5 Best-selling pieces of jewelry in 2021

5 Best-selling pieces of jewelry in 2021

Our connection with jewelry goes as far back as our history, even further back than clothing. Some even argue that it’s the earliest form of artistic expression in humans. For many, a look is not complete without a piece of jewelry complementing it. But, with so much variety and so many new trends in fashion jewelry, what should you buy this year? Here’s our list of top 5 best-selling pieces of jewelry to help you decide.

1. Pearl Drop Earrings

Starting off with the classics, pearl drop earrings are in fashion this year. With the new baroque-style spin given to pearl jewelry, you can find a wide range of unique and creative designs of pearl drop earrings. The avant-garde designs introduced in 2021 are perfect to give you a modern look. You can find some of the best pearl drop earring designs on Etsy.

2. Trip Chain Necklaces Chains

have played a very important part in ancient jewelry—but they’re relevant even today! Chain links are the new hip in the world of fashion jewelry. From anklets to necklaces, it’s all about chains this year. With Zoom meetings, waist-up dressing is the focus and necklaces make a major part of fashion. Designers this year came up with exquisite chain necklaces that will make you stand out.

3. Pearly Bracelets

Since we’re talking about pearls and chains, why not both? Combining chain links with baroque pearls is the new hip. If you’re planning to revamp your accessorizing this year, pearly bracelets are just the right piece of jewelry for you. Here’s the link to one worth checking out (pun quite intended).

4. Abstract Bangles

While you’re at it, accessorizing with abstract bangles can give your look the ultimate finishing touch. Bangles made their appearance in almost all the new spring/summer designer collections of 2021. They can be stacked, worn in matching pairs, or used as single-statement accessories. But the ones that we love are abstract silver bangles; they make the subtlest finishing touch but still look very unique.

5. Charm Rings

If you didn’t know already, charm rings are a thing of the present now! Bright, colorful trinkets go along with every piece of jewelry to make it more fun, and they’re excellent conversation starters as well! That’s precisely the reason charm rings are trending this year. BonBonWhims rings are a good place to start if you want to get one—or more (there’s no limit, really)—of these babies to amplify your looks.

That’s it for our list. Here’s something interesting to keep in mind before you go shopping. In the early days, precious materials became jewelry to portray the wearer’s status and wealth (and sometimes to make means of monetary exchange handy and portable). Stone- and metal-made jewelry was believed to grant health or ward off bad fortune. Apart from the practical and spiritual purposes of jewelry, it was also a way to enhance looks and make a person look more fashionable; this is the sole purpose jewelry is purchased in our modern times. But our advice to you is: take your pick!

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