5 Gifts to Avoid Getting Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

5 Gifts to Avoid Getting Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

We all use gifts to express our love and care for our loved ones. Receiving gifts means a lot to everyone. They let your loved ones know you’re observant, thoughtful, and considerate. But, sometimes, gifts can do the exact opposite if you’re not careful. Today, we’ll help you avoid such catastrophes by telling you what not to gift your significant other.


We’ll begin with the absolute worst gift you can ever give to your girlfriend/boyfriend, pets. It’s true that pets are excellent companions and come with countless benefits—they lower stress levels, they help us make new friends, they never let us feel lonely, and they bring so much joy into our lives—but the decision to get a pet should be left to the individual themselves. Despite all of the good things about them, pets don’t make for a good gift. The person you’re planning to gift a pet to might not have the money, energy, or desire to get a pet. Moreover, pets are not just a thing to be given, they’re living beings and should be treated as such. So, avoid gifting your loved one a pet.


You should never gift your partner things like vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, car cleaners, washers, dryers, or toasters. Unless you know for a fact your beau is in need of something from this category, it’ll always come off as a bad gift. The same applies to gym memberships. Unless they explicitly mentioned wanting one, don’t get them one.

Matching items

Despite the mainstream depiction of matching gifts as cute, cheesy, and quirky, they are exactly the opposite nowadays. Matching gifts can come off as immature at best and annoying at worst. Instead of gifting matching items, go for something that suits your partner’s personality, and revel them in their own individuality—it shows that you appreciate them for who they are.

Framed pictures of yourself

Though this might not sound like a very common gift, but it surprisingly is. Regardless of how much your partner likes you, it’s always a bad idea to gift them a framed portrait of yourself. Gifting it entails considerable risk of being perceived self-absorbed, even if it’s a picture of you from when you were a child! Instead, gift them a framed picture of you two doing something memorable together.

Cash/Gift cards

Giving money or gift cards totally defeats the purpose of gift-giving. It’s not memorable, it’s not significant, and it tells the recipient that they’re a difficult person to think of gifts for. Furthermore, it might come off as offensive to some. You’re telling them the exact amount you think they’re worth by giving them a sum of money. Giving someone a gift is as much about the giver as it is about the recipient, so make sure you make a good impression by giving them something they will value. And with that, our list of gifts to avoid getting your partner comes to an end. Keep these “gifts” in mind to avoid making a blunder on your special occasions. Happy gifting!

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