5 Steps to Make Your Room Look More Aesthetic

With all the quarantining of late, we’ve all come to realize that our personal space could use some revamping. It’s okay to think that way. Our room should be as aesthetically pleasing as we like!

So, today we will tell you the five steps to making your room look more aesthetic.

Step#1 Aesthetics are all about looks and feels, so we’ll begin with changing the way your room appears. That is to say, we change the lighting scheme. In a typical room, the only source of lighting is overhead bulbs. But table lamps, and some candles for the romantic mood flings every now and then, can make a huge difference in the way your room looks and feels. There are many lights designed with aesthetics in mind, so look around for the ones that vibe with you. Neon lights are particularly in fashion these days.

Step#2 Now that you’re done with the lighting, it’s time to focus on the things that the lights show. Decorate your room with objects that will enhance the aesthetics. These can vary from a cute, tiny plant freshening up the overall mood of the room, to a round mirror hanging on the wall. You can hang all kinds of art on the walls, put down a rug in the room, and print polaroids (either from the internet or DIY) to paste on a particular part of a wall. A wall clock does wonders if it’s aesthetic-looking.

Step#3 Now that your room looks all good, let’s get to making it comfier. Throw pillows will do the job—get a lot of them! Put them everywhere you feel like—on the bed, on the sofa, on the floor. Similarly, accessorize the empty surfaces you find in your room. Add decorative accessories to your nightstand, bookshelves, and mantel to give the room an overall aesthetic look.

Step#4 Next up, it’s time to change the way your room smells. This relatively subtle change can make a great impact on the aesthetics of a room. Moreover, if the source of the scents you’re using looks aesthetically pleasing, it’s a bonus for the aesthetics of your room! For starters, you can use a tabletop fireplace to go along with incense candles, or a nice-looking electric aromatherapy diffuser.

Step#5 This step is more about maintaining the aesthetics than achieving them, but it’s equally as important. It’s common to mistake messiness as quirky, and hence, aesthetic—but nothing ruins the aesthetics of a room like untidiness. Always make your bed and clean up after yourself. The former immediately gives your room a neater appearance, while the latter keeps your room from turning into a total mess. Yup, that’s all there is to it! Pretty straightforward and simple, isn’t it? So don’t wait around to get the budget for a complete makeover of your room from Pinterest trends to make it look more aesthetic, these five steps will do the trick without putting too big a dent in your pocket. And don’t forget to tell us how you like the aesthetics.

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