tips for getting and keeping optimal health

5 tips for getting and keeping optimal health

New year, new resolution?

Among the wishes, you surely wished for health? And you are right because without health we do nothing.

But do we really know what it is to be healthy? Better, how to maintain good health?

Health is more than just being or not being sick. Health is a state of total well-being, both physical and psychological. We are in good health when we experience this sensation which is intended to be a mixture of happiness and physical, social and mental satisfaction.

Are you overproductive? It impacts your health. Are you in total burnout mode? It impacts your health. Does your social environment cause you stress? It impacts your health. Let’s focus on the essentials and go back to the basics.

In this quest for health, good nutrition and psycho-emotional hygiene are key. Ultimately, this contributes to the strengthening and maintenance of a good immune system.

Here are 5 tips for having and maintaining optimal health.

1- Physical and mental hygiene you will have

Take two moments a week to relax, do breathing exercises and exercise once or twice a week! Body and mind are linked. A minimum sports activity will allow you to evacuate the first tensions in addition to maintaining an excellent nervous system. Relaxation will act as a kind of endorphin, allowing the nervous system and your body to recover and rejuvenate.

2- Food hygiene you will adopt

Our body is a reflection of what we eat. Dry skin, fatigue, lack of concentration, illnesses… To maintain physical and mental energy, it is important to have an appropriate diet.

A naturopath will be the key specialist to advise and support you in this regard. He (she) will help you understand how your body works and what it needs based on your vitality. After having made a sharp assessment!

Already, to have a diet that allows you to be and stay healthy, prefer to eat foods rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These serve to transform what we eat into energy. Consume good protein foods such as: fish, eggs, red meats, lentils, beans, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds. Also prefer to eat whole or semi-whole grains. Anything complete is usually your ally!

Eat fat! Yes, know that good fat does not make you fat and is essential for the maintenance of certain elements of your body. For example, your brain or your cells. Replace “heavy” oils with suitable oils. For example: hemp oil, or coconut oil.

Eating better does not mean not having fun from time to time!

For an easy practice, simply remember that a good diet is to have on your plate fruits and vegetables, proteins, fats and sugar of good quality and good oils.

And especially ! Don’t forget to take your time chewing.

3- Emotional hygiene you will cultivate 

The mind is a powerful engine to get you where you want to go. You are and you will become against all odds! Positive thoughts will ensure a good emotional balance. To help you in this process, practicing sophrology exercises is a plus. The sophrologist will accompany you effectively thanks to natural techniques of preventive health such as for example: positive visualization, breathing, meditation or even suggestion. The opportunity to discover and learn techniques to integrate into your daily life according to your troubles or ailments to live better and maintain or restore a good psycho-emotional balance. Small sessions to be carried out twice a week will help you change your state of mind!

4- A detoxification cure you will do

It is important to cleanse your organs of elimination so that your whole body can function properly. The organs of elimination are the channels that will allow you to cleanse your body. These are the skin, lungs, intestine, liver and kidneys. Thus, the skin most often eliminates toxins. This is materialized by dermatological problems such as pimples. The lungs partly eliminate gases and other toxic substances such as malt or alcohol. The intestine allows the elimination of fibers and food waste such as those found in certain fruits or legumes. The liver eliminates fatty substances such as oils or corn. The kidneys eliminate acidic substances that can also be found in certain fruits and legumes. Therefore, it is recommended by naturopaths and traditional doctors to do a week-long detox cure once a year. There are several types of cures. Our favorite is the vegetable juice cleanse. Squeeze your vegetables at home or buy a juice extractor, and put some spirulina in it!

5- On your personal development you will focus 

Banish negativity from your life and focus on your goals! You do not have any ? Create some! We have not all arrived on earth to follow the same path. Also, your fate is in your hands. It is important to realize yourself, because it is one of the main factors of good health.

If necessary, consult our specialists, naturopaths, sophrologists and aromatherapists online by clicking on the link below.

Beautiful day !

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