Ankle Bracelets For Your Charming Looks

Ankle Bracelets not only give you a look of playful charm, but they also skillfully emphasize the narrowest part of the leg. Everything comes back, especially in fashion. In addition to the so-called “necklace layering” and toe rings, the past jewelry trend of ankle bracelets is back. The ankle bracelet models that are now trendy are made of high-quality materials and have more luxury than hippie appeal. Above all, this means one thing: They can also be worn away from the beach, even in the office, without the look being too casual.

This summer, they are available in new, elegant versions in our unique ankle bracelet collection, and you can combine them in so many different ways. So here are some styling tips for you to wear your ankle bracelets.

Create Balance with Ankle Bracelets

Whether high heels, sandals, ballerinas, sneakers, or Birkenstocks – you can combine ankle bracelets with almost any shoe model. The more closed the shoe, the more discreet the foot jewelry should be so that the overall impression is not too massive. In the case of filigree models, on the other hand, wide specimens or several anklets are worn together do not matter.

Less is More

You can’t go wrong with delicate anklets made of gold or silver. The filigree ankle jewelry goes well with an elegant costume and pumps, and the casual jeans look with sneakers. The advantage: The delicate chains nestle against the leg so that you can hardly feel them.

Shoe And Ankle Bracelets As A Unit

At the moment, necklaces or ankle bracelets with shell jewelry and braided ribbons in boho style are trendy. These go wonderfully with casual and summery leisure looks. The shell version is also often combined with high heels and open sandals. But be careful: the shoes shouldn’t be too chic and elegant because then the jewelry will quickly look out of place.

Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Styling

Other styling rules to keep in mind with this trend: The closer the shoe, the narrower the anklet should avoid a chunky effect. But if the shoes are discreet and reserved, such as simple sandals or espadrilles, then broad and fancy shoes can be used. Under no circumstances should Roman sandals with lacing be worn with an anklet: This will ultimately undermine the effectiveness of the accessory!

Here are different designs of ankle bracelets; you can choose the one you have been looking for from our unique collection.

Colorful Surfer Chains With Pendants

The colorful pearl ribbons bring a beach holiday flair. Jeans go very well with the colorful surfer-style jewelry and slightly tanned legs too.

Pearl Anklet

Freshwater pearls have long since shed their old-fashioned image. They have been fashionable again for years, especially on the ankle. The white pearl necklaces look noble and innocent on bare skin, worn over the transparent (dark) Tights that are a little wicked. Chunky sandals create a nice contrast to feminine jewelry.

Chunky Anklets

Solid link chains and bracelets, also known as chunky jewelry, are currently very much in vogue. Link anklets too. In combination with a narrow chain, the anklets come into their own.

Delicate Gold Chains For The Foot

Speaking of delicate gold chains, they are a high-contrast partner for massive anklets and work well on their own. The jewelry trend this summer will look particularly beautiful with thin sandals.

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