Chain necklace: types of weaving and how to wear them

The trend of the season is the chain necklace. Wide, powerful, like the “gold” worn by “real boys” in the nineties. Now, twenty years later, chains can be seen in the women’s fall-winter collections of Bottega Veneta, Brandon Maxwell, Monse, Off-White, Saint Laurent, Zimmermann and other leading fashion houses. This year there are so many chains on the catwalks that we advise you to get several types at once – different sizes and weaves. Today, there is no easier way to make your outfit trendy than to add a chain to it!

It all started in the spring of 2019 when chains were just starting to hit the runways, but the trend soon picked up.

It is difficult to say which past decade inspires designers today. Large puffy chains were trendy in the 70s and 80s, and in the 90s they were replaced by slightly less massive, but no less frilly gold hip-hop chains.

What chains are in fashion now? Any! This is the main feature of the modern fashion industry – the trend is set, and then you are free to choose forms and styles. We present the main types of chain weaving that are relevant in the new season.

Anchor weaving

A proven classic – in anchor weaving, the links of the chain are connected to each other perpendicularly. Most often, the links are rings and ovals, but links of an unusual shape, such as square or triangular, are also possible. The best example of the trend is the Saint Laurent fall-winter 2020/21 collection. The chain can be worn over a turtleneck, a closed blouse, combined with jackets and jackets for men. All this is reminiscent of the style of the 1980s and 90s.

Carapace weaving

A chain in which the links remain in the same plane is called shell . This weaving makes the necklace less voluminous, but smooth and sparkling. This is a good option for laconic looks – you can wear it to the office with formal suits, and combine it with a cocktail dress in the evening. Louis Vuitton and Monse suggest wearing exaggeratedly large necklaces, but this is not at all necessary – in everyday life, you can adapt a more elegant jewelry to the trend on the chain.

Cord weaving

A complex form of weaving, when the chain is twisted by connecting several links at the same time. The most effective option! The chain has a beautiful relief and multifaceted shine, so it can become the main accent accessory of your image. The bigger, the better. Wear with linen-style dresses, silk tops and blouses to create a contrast between rugged embellishment and delicate translucent fabric.

Weaving “snake”

This weaving with a round section has several names – “snake” (from the English snake, “snake”), “jewelry cord” or “tow”. A smooth chain with a glossy sheen is versatile. It can be worn with pullovers, sports sweatshirts or classic jackets. Full freedom! You can complete the set with a similar bracelet and stud earrings.


The beautiful jewelry term “pearl” comes from the word “pearl”. A chain with such weaving consists of separate round or oval links and visually resembles beads. Such chains were fashionable in the 90s, they were worn over T-shirts and T-shirts, and now the trend has been rethought. Modern perlin looks more sophisticated, and it is better to combine it with shirts buttoned up to the top button or closed dresses.

Fantasy weaving


Original, sometimes kitsch, the more complex, the better… A chain with fancy weaving is a statement-decoration. It will become the manifesto of your image, draw all attention to itself, so it is better to combine such an accessory with simple, minimalist things: a plain top with bare shoulders, a large-knit T-shirt or cardigan.

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