Cockroaches: The Miracle Trick To Get Rid Of Them Forever.

Cockroaches running all over the house… brrrrrr that disgusts me! The problem is that getting rid of them is not easy, because they sneak into every corner. And spraying insecticide all over the house or apartment is not a good idea if you have kids or pets. Fortunately, there is a miracle trick to eliminate them naturally and forever. The trick is to use a mixture of flour and plaster . Look, it literally takes 1 min:

What you need

– flour – plaster

How to do

1. Mix flour and plaster in equal parts.

2. Put this homemade product in the way of cockroaches.

3. Let the cockroaches feast on this good little dish.

4. Once ingested, cockroaches will not be able to eat anything and will starve to death.


And There you go ! Thanks to this natural trick , no more cockroaches running around the house 🙂 Easy, fast and effective, right? You don’t even need to buy a good chemical insecticide at the supermarket. Simple flour and plaster are enough to make real savings ! This repellent costs less and is safe for children or pets. For this natural insecticide to be super effective, place the baits where the critters pass: cupboards, dishwashers… If you ever have one in the car, this is a trick you can use to finally be calm. If you don’t have plaster, you can substitute baking soda. Finally, know that if you have centipedes at home, avoid killing them! Why ? Because these centipedes love to devour cockroaches.

Why does it work?

Cockroaches love flour, but can’t tell the difference with plaster that has the same color. Once absorbed, this mixture clogs the insect’s digestive tract and prevents it from swallowing anything else. He ended up starving to death. Sad ending, but you shouldn’t come If you see cockroaches around, know that you can spray them with pure white vinegar. It is an excellent natural repellent!

Your turn…

Have you tried this grandmother’s trick against cockroaches at home ? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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