Colored jeans worth considering: look at Hailey Bieber and you’ll want the same

And, yes, they are low-rise with the most fashionable print of recent seasons.

If you thought that the tie-dye trend was finally over, we hasten to inform you that it is not. Rather, he calmed down for a while, but again comes back swiftly and loudly. And in the warm season, when you want to dilute your wardrobe with bright colors, this is especially true. If you don’t know where to start (or perhaps continue) mastering watercolor print, we advise you to pay attention to the base. For example, we are delighted with Hailey Bieber’s coral jeans with muted yellow streaks.

The model harmoniously combines a bright bottom with a neutral top in the form of a white cropped T-shirt, over which she wears a shabby gray leather jacket. Instead of sneakers, in this case, Haley opted for black leather loafers – the perfect combo.

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