Corporate Team Building Overview

Corporate Team Building Event to Support Homeless Children: A Meaningful Way to Give Back

Project SERVYA, a non-profit organization committed to supporting homeless children, offers a unique opportunity for corporations to give back to their communities while engaging in team building activities. For a donation of $30 per SERVYA package assembled, your company can receive a complete team building event kit that includes all necessary products and collateral to create a meaningful and impactful event.

What You Receive

For each SERVYA Package kit ordered, Project SERVYA will send a new blanket, a new book, a new stuffed animal, a new tote bag, an age tag, and much more, all of which are included in the $30 price. Shipping to your chosen venue is also included in the cost.

What You Need to Do

First, determine your budget. Each SERVYA package assembled costs $30. Next, contact Project SERVYA via email to request your date and reserve your product. From there, the organization will help you with all the details to make your event a success. are the contact persons for your queries.

What You Provide

Your company provides the budget, location, and an event point person to guide the team building event. You can also provide volunteers, shipping or courier of assembled bags to shelter, and team-building games as an optional extra.

What We Provide

Project SERVYA provides an engaging and thoughtful team building event, flexible event structure, event guidance via phone or email, instructions, and checklists for the event, placement for completed packages, in-bound shipping paid by PNN, tracking numbers for in-bound shipped product, video about PNN to help kick-off event, tote bags, blankets, books, stuffed animals, notecards / crayons to include a note to child, and team-building games (optional).

Optional Extra

For an additional $3.50 per person, Project SERVYA can even provide one of its signature tote bags for all your participants to take home, which is a low-cost and environmentally responsible reminder of their volunteering event.

Impactful and Engaging Event

By hosting an event with Project SERVYA, your company is not only participating in a team building activity but also supporting homeless children in your community. America’s leading companies have already participated in the corporate program, including Capital One, Cigna, Deloitte, Dodge and Cox, Facebook, Genentech, Google, Honda, Linked-In, Moody’s, New York Life, New Relic, PayPal,, True Capital, and VMware.

In conclusion, Project SERVYA provides a unique opportunity for corporations to give back to their communities while engaging in team building activities. By hosting a meaningful event, your company can make a positive impact on the lives of homeless children and promote team building among employees. So, get in touch with Project SERVYA today to host a memorable event for a great cause!