Corporate Team Building

Some of America’s leading companies have joined SERVYA team-building initiative.

SERVYA aims to provide your company with an exceptional hands-on volunteer experience. We offer pre-packaged community service projects that can be tailored to meet your budget and schedule, allowing you to determine the number of homeless children you can assist.


Your team will take pleasure in assembling our SERVYA Packages, which help children who are experiencing homelessness transition to life in a shelter. We will provide you with everything you require to host a successful SERVYA Package assembly event, including new children’s books, blankets, stuffed animals, tote bags, age tags, note cards for personal messages to the children, and an introductory video, which can be sent to any venue in the country.

Each of the SERVYA Packages you produce will contain a new blanket, a new stuffed animal, and a new classic children’s book wrapped in a tote bag, all of which are high-quality and appealing. With your assistance, we can ensure that homeless children are not neglected in their time of need.

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