#We support diversity

To show support for #servya movement, we aim to spread the message of acceptance, harmony and love using our platform. Our campaign collection, rooted in positivity and strength, is a medium to pay homage to LGBQT+, women empowerment and diversification with advocates and models that give us huge inspirations regardless of gender, sexuality or race. Here’s to helping each other and never tearing anyone down. Having each other’s back means we can’t be defeated no matter what.


Servya Global Services strongly emphasized and advocated inclusivity and we are well aware that style can’t be confined with limits. It is our mission to build a community of #theromancenook, a community that is geared towards promoting body positive image and acceptance for all body types, shapes and sizes. We strongly believe in the power of self love and offer a wide range of products that specifically suit your style and help you showcase your authentic self.


We are very seriously committed to establish, promote and support an inclusivity culture regardless of social or racial backgrounds.Our campaigns and brand aesthetics regularly seek to include models and talent from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. It is very important for us that we include these communicates and make them a part of our brand.


Anyone’s sexual choices and orientation is no reason for them to be left out of anything. We believe in equal rights and representations for everyone regardless of their sexual and gender orientation and we pay homage to LGBTQ+ community through our products and campaigns and enlist the services of model and advocates who represent LGBTQ+ community.


We believe empowering women means empowering the whole society and we do everything in our power to encourage female empowerment. It is our mission to inspire our customers to wear whatever they want whenever they want with complete confidence. We team up regularly with the most badass women from all over the globe, with campaigns featuring the most powerful, resilient and inspirational women that help all us to aim higher and achieve bigger goals in life.


Our brand has the most diverse workforce and we give equal opportunities, respect, support and encouragement that you expect from a modern and progressive brand like ours. We have no biases when it comes to sex, gender, ethnicity, maritial status, age, religion or disability status.