DIY Gifts for Your Partner

DIY Gifts for Your Partner

As they say, “The best gifts are the simplest ones”. And, since we’re keeping it simple, why not make your own gifts! Giving handmade gifts makes it way more meaningful and appreciable for the recipient. These DIY gifts for your partner will captivate them with their simplicity and elegance. Not to worry, though; despite all their charm and attraction, they’re super easy to make. These are some DIY gifts you can make for your partner.

Sharpie mug

One of the easiest, yet adorable, gifts is the sharpie mug. You can turn any plain, white mug into these delightful DIY gift mugs with just a little bit of effort. All you need is a white mug, some good quality markers, and an unbridled imagination. You can use this DIY Sharpie Mugs guide to make these darlings. Make sure to read and heed the bit about dishwasher-proof markers!

Plate clock

Gifting a clock can be romantic, it turns out. It’s time to give that typical clock on your significant other’s wall a tough time. You can make them freeze in time with this stunning, stylish handmade plate clock. Although it’s extremely easy to make, this plate clock can top the best store-bought ones out there. What’s more, it’ll be functional too! Here’s a step-by-step guide to make it.

Chocolate bouquet

Ever seen a bouquet so gorgeous that you feel like eating it? Well, you can make one for your significant other that’s so romantic that it can literally be eaten! A chocolate bouquet is very simple to make, but you will be giving your florist a tough time with how impressive it turns out. You will have to get a bit crafty (no deceit involved) to make this beautiful bundle of joy, though.

Studded bracelet

Jewelry gifts are widely popular among couples, but not everyone can afford a Tiffany & Co. bracelet for their partner. But we have good news for you! You can make one that would be just as precious to your partner, if not more. You can make a studded bracelet (or even a whole collection of ‘em) that will look just as marvelous as any jewelry item out there. Get yourself a wide selection of studs, follow this tutorial, and you will have your studded bracelet gift ready in no time.

Moon lamp

You can finally make good on your honeymoon phase promise. It’s time to bring them the moon! Take your significant other’s breath away with a (literally) brilliant moon lamp that you made for them all by yourself. Plus, it doesn’t even require bending the laws of physics (unlike bringing the moon to earth would have). Just following this simple tutorial suffices.

That’s all for the handmade gifts you can give your significant other. We hope you will have a grand time making them and make the occasion special with your one-of-a-kind gifts. Let the handiwork go haywire!

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