Give the gift of a Comfort Bag and support young adults in need.

These specially curated bags provide a source of solace and support for young individuals facing challenging circumstances. Each Comfort Bag is carefully designed to include essential items that offer both practicality and emotional comfort. From cozy blankets and soothing self-care products to inspiring books and uplifting messages, these bags are meant to bring a sense of warmth and encouragement. By gifting a Comfort Bag, you not only provide tangible resources but also show empathy and understanding to those navigating difficult times. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of these young adults, offering them a ray of hope and reminding them that they are not alone. Join us in making a positive impact and help empower these resilient individuals on their journey towards a brighter future. These folks have enough going on – won’t you help us deliver some comfort?
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  • Donate

    Servya Global Services has reached hundreds of homeless people through donations and generous contributions from our partners. Our vision is to end homelessness and human suffering in America. While at it, we need your continued support to reach more homeless and underprivileged individuals in our country.
    We also accept in-kind donations like blankets, pillows, books, socks, sleeping pajamas, stuff animal.
    Join this noble cause by donating funds, gift cards, certificates or in-kind donations.
    Donate now!

  • Volunteer with Us

    Volunteering is one of the most effective ways to give back to your community and make a real difference. It is also a great way to meet new people, make new friends and gain valuable skills.
    As a volunteer leader, you can help Servya attract and keep the best volunteers by creating an engaging environment that encourages people to give their time and talent.
    Join us every Tuesday as we distribute blankets, pillows, books, socks, sleeping pajamas, stuff animal to the homeless. Your time means a lot to our ministry.

  • Become Our Partner

    Servya Global Services is not a stand-alone organization. It has a backbone of able charity organizations, restaurants, grocery stores and department stores that share their vision at heart.
    While the organization’s ultimate goal is to positively impact nationwide, the reach still needs to be improved due to financial constraints and the number of partners.
    Therefore, we appeal for more partners who resonate with our mission to join our cause and make our dream a reality.
    Contact us if you are interested in joining our partnership pool and helping end homelessness.

  • Shop Servya

    Did you know by shopping with us, you support the less privileged?
    At Servya shop, our motto is ‘you shop, we donate’ since a percentage of the proceeds goes to feeding the homeless and getting them a temporary shelter.
    Therefore, by shopping at Servya, you feed a homeless person indirectly.
    Shop your favorite jewelry and gift at Servya and help end homelessness in America.
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Make a donation. Make a difference. Empower individuals to live by choice instead of by chance through donating to The Servya Foundation.Your Impact Your generous gift helps us continue making a direct impact through our programs.
Best of all, a portion of every sale we make, and every gift you buy, is donated to charities doing amazing work, including homeless shelters working hard to give people a fresh start, helping struggling moms and dads put food on the table and fill the bellies of their children, agricultural causes supporting local farmers and much, much more.
Whether you want to treat someone else, or treat yourself, you cannot go wrong with your friends at the Servya Shop. Good work, great items and charity are all just a mouse click away, so head over to our online store and shop to your heart's delight.