Your outfit is not complete without a beautiful pair of earrings, whether it’s party wear or a casual dress. Earrings are a way to express yourself, show your character and personality. Here are a few earring ideas for your elegant looks.

These pairs of stud earrings are an elegant little version that goes well with all sorts of clothing styles. The design is rather inconspicuous but still an eye-catcher when you look at the whole thing closer. From a distance, the plugs shine rather discreetly, and at a second glance, you can see the original shape and the delicate processing. 

The enduring symbol is a popular motif and an excellent idea as jewelry. The simple pieces are also very suitable as a gift because, with this gesture, you suggest the wish to keep your connection with the recipient forever.

LV Stud Button Earrings

Get a chance to razzle and dazzle with the authentic LV repurposed button Stud earrings. These buttons came from an LV Cardigan, which is also 100% authentic. These button earrings are very reflective as they are gold plated and will increase your presence in a crowd. Although it has a minimalistic design, it has quite a charm to it. 

These one of a kind handmade repurposed button earrings look brilliant on small and large earlobes alike and go well with skirts and floral dresses.

Gold Hoop LV Earrings

With gold filled hoops, these earrings feature a small LV logo charm. These charms are authentic and came off an LV bag. These little charms are gold plated and have a bright lustrous appearance. The buttons are also enamel coated for aesthetic appearances. Wear this beautiful piece of fashion accessory anywhere any day and immediately be noticeable. 

You will look stunning in these hoop Styled buttoned earrings in any of your outfits, especially in a sleeveless gown dress.

LV Button Clover Earrings

What could be more better than a pair of LV Buttons repurposed to make a dangling earring. The shiny buttons are authentic LV with LOUIS VUITTON PARIS embossed on them and have an immaculate shine to them. The cherry on top is the London Blue Topaz with a clover cut. The London Blue Topaz is a highly sought after deep blue color variety of Topaz gemstone.

The earring dangles 2 inches and suits mainly formal dresses in the evening lights that will make them shine like a bright star. 

LV Acrylic Earrings

Acrylic earrings have been a popular trend among women for a while. They are lightweight, appealing, and affordable. The beauty of acrylic jewelry is that it has lots of cool custom designs and kaleidoscopic effects. And when you pair it with an enameled LV embossed repurposed button, you get a timeless beauty to wear. This earring dangles 1.5 inches, and you wouldn’t notice it when wearing it. 

LV acrylic earrings are perfect to wear out for any occasion or a party with any kind of colorful dress to match your jolly personality.

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