Hair Care | Tips on How to Maintain Your Hair

During stressful everyday life, extensive hair care often falls by the wayside. Therefore, now is the best time to thoroughly care for your hair. From washing hair to blow-drying and maintaining them, hair care requires a lot of effort. This shows how vital beautiful hair is for personal well-being. After all, well-groomed hair is a beauty feature for all of us. Strong and shiny, they underline the attractive, sensual charisma.

The best hair care is the one that is tailored to your hair type. And we are going to take you through some essential steps that we often get wrong during hair care and end up messing them up.

Know Your Hair Type

The most common mistake when it comes to hair care is misjudging your hair type. As a result, you quickly resort to the wrong product and not give your hair the right amount of care that it needs.

If you have fine hair, it doesn’t require too much care. As it weighs down fine hair and makes hair look flat and stringy. With thick hair, on the other hand, you can use a shampoo with nourishing ingredients that provide intensive care. 

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The most common reason for dull hair is neither blow-drying nor styling, but the wrong washing method. How often we wash our hair depends on the type of hair. For example, dry hair needs to be cleaned less than oily or frizzed-up hair.

Hair Washing Routine

Washing your hair every second or every third day is entirely normal. However, use many styling products or work up a sweat while exercising. You can wash your hair more often to remove dirt and residue.

Hair Care Tip: If you use hair styling products, then it makes sense to brush out the hair before washing. A large part of the residue can be easily removed with it.

Importance of Conditioner

For different hair lengths, a conditioner is an absolute must-have. No matter how long or short your hair is, you should never do without the nourishing conditioner after washing. After using the shampoo, it seals the hair surface and protects the hair from the harmful effects of heat styling or UV rays. It also nourishes the hair with nourishing ingredients.

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Leave-in Care Products

The care factor of your leave-in product, just like with the conditioner, can be high. just like hair oils can help prevent split ends. Thin hair benefits from unique leave-in products that provide more volume. They care for and protect the hair without weighing it down and make the hair look fuller and more grippy.

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Hair Drying

If you want to do everything right, let your hair dry briefly under an absorbent microfiber towel before blow-drying. It is recommended to use low heat blow-drying from a distance as too much heat can damage hair.

Hair Care Tip: The diet plays a decisive role in healthy-looking hair. Particular vitamins-rich fruits and vegetables can help to replenish it. In addition, they provide essential nutrients such as zinc and biotin that can have a positive effect on the hair when used regularly.

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