Handbags for Women 2022: Top 20 Trends

What is the most fashionable bag for the 2022 women’s handbag season? But there is no definitive answer to this question

The bag is one of the main accessories in a woman’s wardrobe at all times. It must be chosen with great care and taking into account the recommendations of the great fashion designers of the world.

Today, it’s hard to imagine a girl who would leave home without a bag, let alone without one. The bag is also one of the main elements by which the first impression of its owner is formed, since it is almost always in sight.

The most fashionable handbags of this season will not leave any woman indifferent, because this is a chic selection of truly original models for every taste. Whichever style you choose, you can find a sophisticated crosshair for your outfit.

The new collections represent the widest range of designs, fresh ideas and finds. So, the choice of the most sophisticated women in fashion is presented with original shapes and materials, new interpretations of classics, and retro style. All the details of fashion trends for women’s handbags 2022 are presented in this review. So let’s take a look at the main trends in terms of shape, color, texture and details.

The Most Popular Handbags 2022

Among the bags presented by the designers, there are both classic totes, top handles, shoppers, shoulder bags, and models that have recently burst into the Olympus of fashion – saddle, hobo, baguette, micro-bags , and bags with unusual shapes.

If you prefer casual, avant-garde or sporty styles, we advise you to take a closer look at volumetric models, since large bags will fit well and diversify your wardrobe.

Finally, the practical and very comfortable models designed for smart-casual looks, solved in an original way are also very popular.


It’s no surprise that one of the hottest styles turned out to be hobo modifications. Thus, these are soft, rounded and slightly longer volumetric bags, complemented by wide and comfortable handles of medium length. They are worn on the shoulder or on the bend of the elbow, they perfectly contain everything you need, and they look demonstratively simple, without violating the style.

Tote Bags and Buttocks

Accessories in the tote and messenger style are no less relevant, they are presented in most collections, and are rightly considered the favorites of this season.

The main fashion trend of these bags and purses for women 2022 is the combination of simple and laconic styles with noble and high-quality materials. Real leather of a spectacular wrap for an ostrich, lizard, python or crocodile in natural shades that emphasize the texture of the embossing always looks very impressive.

For example, accessories from this season’s collections made of matte soft leather in bright, rich colors look very stylish. Designers try not to combine both effects – embossing and color – at the same time, and that’s what makes these accessories so elegant.

The color palette of fashionable handbags – 2022 echoes the trends of bright and spectacular shades. Saturated, deep and juicy tones of blue-green and coral-red, shades of brown and rich gray – for autumn-winter models. And a bright caramel-floral palette combined with exquisite pastel colors – for summer and spring.

Small Handbags for Women 2022

Tiny bags are more of a decoration than a functional part of an outfit. A snow-white copy of Jacquemus can be worn exclusively on the phalanx of one finger, and inside it is unlikely that you can even put lipstick.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s version is more spacious, you can already add a basic set of cosmetics to it.

So, it is suggested to wear a burgundy handbag with a tight frame, clinging to a strap of modest length, although the model also has a handle. Designers offer bags without a long strap, and the handle takes the form of a metal ring or half-ring.

Winter Trends: Faux Fur Handbags for Women 2022

First, among women’s handbags in the winter season 2022, fur products are popular, these plush accessories are very pleasant to hold in the hands .

Fur bags are perfect for both a street look with outerwear and an evening outfit with delicate fabrics and light cuts.

It is suggested to wear such an accessory with a pajama-style pantsuit – a subtle stylistic gesture.

Off-White offers to combine the texture of fur with the smooth skin of the same shade, ideal for winter looks.

Fendi combines fur with patent leather, the thing is perfect for a sheepskin coat.

Animal Print Bags 2022

The animal print, to which designers regularly return in their collections, has already become a kind of base. No ornament has been at the top for as long as the animalier. The trending texture of handbags that has been relevant for many years is animal print like snake, leopard, crocodile, tiger, zebra, cow.

Still, a bag with this print, depending on its shape, is perfect for almost any style. Try pairing an animal print bag with a monochrome look, or play with a mix of two or more prints by adding this bag to your geometric print outfit.

In sum, remember that the prints should be proportional or have a common color at the start of your experiments.

Belt Bags

Fashionable belt bags for the winter are an option for slim women, because such a solution visually expands the waistline. Finally, you can wear the 2022 fashionable winter bags on the belt, are compact in size and various in design.

Bag Sets

Fashion for bags in winter largely repeats the trends of previous seasons.

Products can be made of a similar material and differ only in size or even represent two stand-alone accessories. Givenchy and Tod’s offer great travel options.

In a large bag you put the bulk of your stuff, and in a smaller crosshair you put the essentials like cash and bills.

Retro and Extraordinary 2022

This season, accessories are not only reliable and stylish companions for every day. They have another purpose – to be an adornment of the image. It is to this trend that fashion bags 2022 respond brilliantly. Miniature accessories in various styles are real hits in this year’s collections.

Women’s Handbags 2022: Clutches

First of all, clutches are worn not only in the evening but also during the day. But one of the most elegant solutions is the short-handle mini-everything.

It’s been a long time since the world catwalks presented such a strongly feminine image. The designers’ fantasies have materialized in completely new models, designed, moreover, for everyday looks. Miniature accessories are presented in several styles at once.

An urban and authentic look will be created by models of clear rectangular shapes made of dense leather in bright exotic shades. Lime, coral, mint shades and spring flowers – delicate, sharp tones perfectly emphasize the deliberate severity of the style.

Suitcase type

These bags are very elegant and take on the style and decoration of classic suitcases. These bags are real runway favourites.

Crosshair Bags

Did your grandmother wear a reticle? Now is the time to take it in hand, the retro style is at the forefront of fashion. Just like the classic models, they are made of ostensibly expensive leather, rich and original shades.

Also, colorful reptiles, as designers call them, look great in such styles – leather with a characteristic embossing and unusual color.

You can choose the colors blue, red or a shade of cool greens. This trend plays on the contrast of combinations.

Unique Patterns

First, add some creativity to your image by creating a unique look. This is what designers are betting on, bringing to the catwalks accessories in the form of stuffed animals, candy boxes, perfume bottles or volumes of their favorite books. So, such accessories are spectacular, bright and not routine, not only for a night out, but also for daytime looks.

Handbags for Women 2022: Trends in Decoration

In the first place, large inscriptions and branded volumetric accessories are a thing of the past.

Fashion trends in decorating bags are, first of all, original ideas. Classic styles have remained in a rather conservative design – that’s why it’s a classic.

Finally, naïve motifs in a childlike style, voluminous appliqués and embroidery complete the most avant-garde designs.


Provocative inscriptions, such as: be happy or go, let’s go! . They decorate today not only provocative accessories for teenagers, but also luxury models.

For example, this trend is for those who are serious but slightly ironic when it comes to high fashion.

Women’s Handbags 2022: Rhinestones

And more rhinestones! Yes, they are in fashion again and decorate not only evening models. Also, miniature sized daytime models.

Then, and it’s not even a shy loose layer, but a dense coating.

Fringed Fur Bags

First, an alternative to this pure but new glamor is bangs or fur.

These models have a slight touch of ethno style, which makes them particularly trendy.

For example, they also fit perfectly into smart-casual urban looks, making them more spectacular and brighter.

Women’s Handbag Colors 2022

In terms of color solutions, designers suggest that we choose a bag in the color of our clothes.

You can choose options with active shine or animal print.

Thus, if you had difficulty combining bright bags, then it is enough to buy a coat of the same color. This way you will be the most fashionable in the coming cold season.

2022 Bags to Match Clothes

If you have a shiny bag lying around from the corporate New Year’s party, try to build a sport-chic look. We see that at the parades of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Balenciaga.

Also, you can use a shiny bag in an edgy look, as Loewe suggests.

Details for Women’s Handbags 2022

First, the fashionable details that designers use to decorate classic models of bags remain unchanged. We continue to wear handbags with chains and fringes, which are getting longer every season. Also, we carry bags with handles in the form of slits.

Finally, a fashionable bag will spruce up your look and accentuate your sophisticated taste. Most current models are quite universal, so you won’t have any problems with knot formation. t is enough to buy two or three models so that each outfit is harmonious and balanced.

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