Have you ever tried Couchsurfing?

Have you ever tried Couchsurfing?

You have friends all over the world, but you just haven’t met them yet…

In 2 words, what is Couchsurfing?

Couchsurfing connects members to a global community of travelers .

The practice is to offer accommodation to travelers (host) or conversely to be accommodated in the houses of various people for a certain period of time without paying (couchsurfer).

 It’s about offering a sofa or even a bed (hence couchsurfing), a meal and even a coffee to people from all over the world likely to come and visit your country. The main objective and the factor that contributes to the success of this practice is the cultural and hospitable exchange between two or more people from different backgrounds.  

Couchsurfing is not just free accommodation , but it is also a moment of sharing. Indeed, the practice of Couchsurfing must be free:

A host should never ask a guest to pay for their accommodation and a guest should not offer. Guests are, however, encouraged to show their appreciation by preparing a meal, offering various outings to the host, and bringing a small gift or other gesture within their means. The duration of accommodation is generally a few days but stays can be longer.

Try it!

The benefits are multiple. If you are young or even eager for innovative adventures, this will allow you to go on vacation and be accommodated for free. At the same time it is for you the way to make big savings.

You fully interfere in the life of your host, which gives rise not only to a total change of scenery but also to another way of discovering a country or a culture.  

Couchsurfing was created in 2003 and has already conquered nearly 350,000 couchsurfers, be the next one!

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