Whether you discover him or her in the café, at the supermarket counter, or at some point in the group of friends, it will sparkle by itself. You say to yourself, yes, that’s the one. And it is there and then, the desire for a meeting, for time spent together and the opportunity to get to know each other properly and in peace.

Asking someone on a date is probably one of the most difficult things. No matter how confident you are, there is some sort of hesitation involved in asking someone out. For men, it might be the fear of rejection or anxiety, but for women, it’s thought not to make the first move and wait for him to walk up to her.


Being confident in asking someone out is necessary because it makes everything easier if you feel confident in yourself. Everyone loves confidence and makes it noticeable. There is a saying that goes like “If you try, you may succeed. If you don’t try, you may not succeed”. You have to be confident enough to make the first move, yes no matter if you are a woman, it doesn’t mean you have to sit around and wait for the perfect moment. So gather your confidence and be the first to approach and, most importantly, be the conversation starter.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

Before asking someone out, make sure he or she is feeling comfortable enough in your presence. If that person feels comfortable, look for the signs of eye contact, taking an interest in you while you are talking, smiling, and fixing your hair, and lean toward you or get closer to you. If you see these signs, it’s the right time to ask for a date. It can be totally opposite if you feel shy or reserved and not maintaining eye contact.

Know Them

Before asking and going out on a date, try to know the person you like and don’t wait for the day you take him or her out. Try having conversations and know their interests. Make sure the conversation is not all about you as this is not a competition. Make the conversation in a way they feel you are more interested in. By knowing their interests, you can take them to their favorite place, go see their favorite movie, and things like that.

Another way of knowing the person you like is by asking them to join you in your group of friends and go for drinks or a party. This way you will get to know more about him or her likes and dislikes.

Make the Move

Now it’s time for you to make a move and ask the person you’ve liked on a date with you. You don’t have to take a lot of time to ask them out because the longer you wait, the more feelings might start to fade away. If it’s a yes, make sure you take them to their favorite place and make it all about him or her through the date and make your love bond stronger.

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