How to choose a bracelet and determine the right size

Today, in times of advanced technology, when people began to work less with their hands, bracelets have become very popular, not only among women, but also among men and even children. Modern stores are crammed with a large number of various jewelry, and it is not so difficult to choose a nice bracelet to suit your taste and size. However, in order for the decoration not only to look beautiful, but also not to cause you discomfort when worn, you need to know a few tricks. Do you know what?

Choosing a beautiful women’s bracelet on hand

Often, walking between bright colorful shop windows, girls cannot decide which bracelet to buy. What can you advise them? There are two trends in fashion today:
• in costume jewelry , these are bright, uncommon bracelets, decorated with a huge number of rhinestones and colored inserts. The most current forms are the glider bracelet (a product in which the links are connected to each other with the help of hinges), cuffs and, of course, an accessory for charms.
• gold and silver items of the simplest forms are in fashion in jewelry – an open bracelet in the form of a ring, shambhala (interlacing of threads and beads) or a spring.

Remember when, according to etiquette, you should not wear a bracelet: in combination with a watch with a large dial, if you are wearing more than three pieces of jewelry (for example, earrings, a ring and a chain) or next to a massive ring.

And how to choose a bracelet for the style of clothing? Today, both young people and the older population prefer four main styles.
• casual . In this image, bright massive jewelry is relevant, which attracts attention, for example, cuffs or spirals; • thin jewelry trinkets of simple geometric shapes are well suited for the lady like
style ; • the recently beloved sport-chic style definitely requires a bracelet with charms or a neat glider bracelet in its wardrobe, well matched in color to a handbag and shoes; • and finally, let’s not forget about the lady boss bow

. For a girl in this role, a massive jewelry, shaped like a spring, or a neat Shamballa bracelet, which will go well not only with an office suit, but also with a cocktail dress for a romantic evening or a business dinner, is suitable.

How to determine the size of a bracelet for a woman or a man

So, first, let’s figure out how to understand the size of the wrist for a bracelet. There are several simple ways for you to choose from that you can easily implement at home.

Method number 1 . Prepare the necessary tools:
• sewing tape, which is sold on almost every corner;
• a sheet of paper where you will write everything down;
• pencil/pen.

What do we have to do?
• in the widest place, measure your wrist with a centimeter tape;
• write down the received value;
• use the table below.

Method number 2 . You need to prepare:
• lace (braid, piece of wire or thread);
• scissors;
• ruler or centimeter;
• piece of paper;
• pencil or pen.

What we do:
• we wrap the wrist with a cord and cut it in the right place;
• put the string to the ruler and measure its length;
• write down the testimony on paper;
• determine the size of the bracelet according to the table presented in the next heading.

When making an online purchase, keep in mind that different brands of bracelets may have different markings, so you should always check the size of the bracelets with the manufacturer in centimeters.


According to statistics, the girth of the wrist in women varies from 14 to 19 cm. In order to quickly find out what size you need, check out the table of women’s sizes for jewelry bracelets.

For a female hand:

Wrist girth, cmSize, cmMarking

To find out the size of a women’s wrist bracelet, do the following:
• measure the brush and find this value in column No. 1;
• further in the second you will find the size of the bracelet;
• and in the third, you will determine the marking that you will be asked in the store.

For example, a bracelet size of 17 means that your wrist circumference should be between 15.5 and 16 cm.


The size of a men’s bracelet can be determined very simply by using the table of men’s bracelet sizes.

For a man’s hand

Wrist girth, cmSize, cmMarking

How to use the table to find out your wrist size?
• measure the brush and find this figure in the first column of the table;
• further from the second column you determine the size of the accessory;
• in the third you will see the markings that you need to purchase.

It can be easier to explain with an example. The girth of the brush you got 19.5 centimeters. The size of the bracelet for you will be 21, and the marking will be XL.

Well, if your brush is more massive, i.e. this value is not in our table, then add 1 cm to the girth of your wrist – this will be the size of the bracelet that you need.


The sizes of bracelets for small children lend themselves well to statistics. The smallest jewelry size that is made today is 11 cm, and it is suitable for children up to 2 years of age. You will find more information about the standard sizes of handles for babies in the table.

Child’s age, yearsWrist size
211-12 cm
3-412-14 cm
5-613-14 cm
8-1014-15 cm

As for teenagers , their hands are recommended to be measured accurately and often, since the growth rates of different children are different, and the girth of the hand can vary greatly from 14 to 17 cm.

How to choose the right bracelet for a girl

But what if, not knowing the size of your beloved’s hand, you decide to buy her a beautiful bracelet and make a surprise, for example, on the day you met? Here you need to get out somehow interesting, to show ingenuity. We have prepared some good ideas for you, let’s take a look at them.

Life hack number 1 . In order to find out what size brush your sweetheart has, pay attention to the cuffs of the shirt (sweatshirt, blouse or leather jacket) she wears. If it sits well on her arm, then you can secretly measure the size of the cuff, and choose a bracelet from it.

Life hack number 2 . The size of an accessory on hand can be easily calculated by the size of the watch strap . If your girlfriend has a watch on a chain, then you can measure the length of the chain – and that’s it. And if she prefers a watch on a leather bracelet, then in order to calculate everything correctly, you need to track which hole the girl fastens the watch on, then measure the length of the accessory and add 1 cm to this value.

Life hack number 3 . Work as a magician and come up with some interesting thread trick. For example, tell her this story. That in ancient times, in order to bind people together forever, a man had to carry with him a piece of the energy of his girlfriend, and she her boyfriend. It is better to exchange energies through the red thread. A beauty should wear a thread for several days on her left hand, and a young man on his right. Next, the lovers should break the threads with their little fingers and exchange them among themselves. This amulet should always be carried with you, for example, in your wallet. So you get not only romantic memories, but also the length of the bracelet. Mission accomplished. And when, after a few years, you recognize your beloved, how did you manage to find out the size of her brush, you will laugh together for a long time and, quite possibly, you will be praised for your resourcefulness.

The likelihood that any of these methods will work is quite high, so you can try. But if you don’t like anything proposed, then you can approximately find out the girth of the wrist based on the weight of your lady: see the table below.

Body typeApproximate weightStatistical brush size
SkinnyUp to 50 kgUp to 15 cm
fragile beautyUp to 60 kgUp to 15-16 cm
Medium body girlUp to 80 kg16-18 cm
Appetizing CharmerOver 80 kgover 18cm

What is the best Pandora bracelet? Size Recommendations

Of course, one cannot fail to say a few words about such popular bracelets as Pandora . This brand appeared on the market not so long ago, but because of the good quality and beautiful design, these jewelry have become very popular among young fashionable girls. For those who have not bought a Pandora bracelet yet, but want to do it, let’s figure out how to choose jewelry according to the size of your hand.

The table shows all types of Pandora bracelets and their lengths.

Type of braceletBracelet length, cm
Classic silver (925)from 16, 17, …, 23
Bangle (hard bracelet) made of silver (925 standard)17, 19, 21
Leather17.5, 19, 20.5
Leather double35, 38, 41
Leather triple52, 57, 61

If you like standard, flexible jewelry that has the ability to glide beautifully on your brush , then the classic silver option is for you . When choosing an accessory, buy jewelry 1 or 2 cm more than the girth of your brush, as with the increase in the number of charms, the bracelet will sit more and more tightly on the wrist.

If rigid ring-shaped bracelets are preferable for you , then they should also be taken a few centimeters larger than the size of the hand, otherwise, putting it on, the charms will rub against the hand and can simply scratch it.

For those who love leather jewelry , there are three types of Pandora bracelets: single double and triple. These accessories sit quite tightly on the hand and do not slip. They are well suited for people who do a lot of work with their hands.

Remember a small rule, a leather bracelet on your hand will sit perfectly if you can insert your little finger between it and your wrist.

A few secrets about wrist accessories that everyone should know

The jewelry market today is full of variety. For every taste and budget, you can find a wide variety of accessories on hand, ranging from jewelry to very pretty costume jewelry. However, before making a purchase, check out a few secrets that will help you not to make a mistake when choosing one or another bracelet:
• to determine the size of the jewelry without a clasp, fold your fingers as if you are putting on the product, then measure your wrist with a centimeter in the most protruding part of it. In this case, the accessory will not interfere with you and will not fall off your hand.
• if the size of the jewelry is chosen correctly, then between the bracelet and the brush you can freely stick your thumb.
• if you like a bracelet with a massive large stone, such an accessory should fit your hand tightly, otherwise the stone will constantly turn down on your hand, hiding all its beauty.
• if you have chosen a product with large links of a large width, then buy a bracelet several sizes larger than the circumference of the arm (about 2 centimeters more), otherwise the jewelry will fit the wrist very tightly, and its links will be ugly located on the wrist.
• when choosing an accessory for yourself, remember that the bracelet should sit on your hand so that it does not interfere with your performance of various actions, otherwise you will simply be nervous, and sooner or later the beauty will go into the box.

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