How to create the perfect gift basket for your loved ones

How to create the perfect gift basket for your loved ones

Gifts are one of the best expressions of love and care for the people we care about. Gift baskets take this expression to a whole new level. A gift basket that’s perfectly matched with the occasion and the person can fill your loved ones with warmth and happiness. But, as anyone who has ever given a gift (or a gift basket) will tell you, giving the perfect one is much easier said than done.

Not to worry, we at The Romance Nook have your back! Today, we’ll tell you how to create gift baskets that’ll enrapture your loved ones. Let’s begin!

Tip #1: Be mindful of the human factor This one seems obvious, but the importance of this one cannot be overstressed. Too often we go shopping for gifts and we pick the things that we would love… for someone else. Instead, use your knowledge of the person who will be receiving the gift basket and include the things that s/he would love; even if you don’t particularly like those things. Is she a romantic at heart and loves wine and chocolate? There’s a good chance you’ll hit the spot with a basket containing wine, chocolate, and roses. Is he a sports fan? Include some merch from his favorite sports team/personality.

Tip #2: Center your basket around a theme We’ve all done it at one point or another. We want the gift to be as useful as possible to the person we’re giving it to, so we try to give the Swiss Army Knife of gifts by including everything from an electric toothbrush to a BBQ set and even a car repair tool kit. As a consequence, the gift basket just ends up looking haphazard; the other person is much more likely to think that you were just panic buying at the last second instead of trying to buy a thoughtful gift.

Once you’ve considered the human factor thoroughly, select a theme in that person’s life. Maybe s/he is a romantic at heart, sports fan, cinephile, fitness enthusiast, gamer, or a bibliophile. Select one of those themes from that person’s life and center your basket around it.

Tip #3: Give it a personal touch by including something handmade Some of the best gifts that we’ve personally received have been handmade. The problem is that people hear the word “handmade” and they start imagining the mountains they’d have to climb to make that gift.

The thing is, something as simple as hand-wrapped bouquet using flowers that you got from your local florist counts as handmade. The best part? It can be done in under 15 minutes. Wondering how to do it? Here’s how.

If you want to include something more elegant and intricate, you can buy something handmade off of Etsy and include it. We won’t tell if you won’t!

Tip #4: The perfect gift basket need not be expensive If you find yourself low on budget yet needing to create a gift basket, use the most valuable resource that everyone has equally: time. Get started early and you’ll be able to score a lot of deals on items that look much more expensive than they actually are. In the end, you’ll end up with a very expensive looking basket that actually wasn’t expensive for you at all! That’s it for today. We hope these tips help you pick the perfect gifts for your loved ones and create moments that you’ll cherish forever! Let us know if these tips helped you and if you’d like to see more.

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