How to Look Fashionable on a Budget

How to Look Fashionable on a Budget

With the fast and furious world of fashion at its peak, and rapidly changing trends in fashion, it’s often hard to keep up. And it’s even tougher to do it on a budget. Latest designs from any brand can, and do, cost nothing less than a fortune. So how does one look fashionable and that too on a budget? Here’s how.


The first key to being fashionable, as all girls know, is variety. If you don’t have one outfit for every day of the week, you’re not fashionable. But that isn’t to say you need three wardrobes full of clothing articles to be fashionable. All you need to do is pair smartly, and voila!

Here are few tips to good pairing.

 Black is your friend: With black, the pairing possibilities are countless. Black clothes go well with everything and that makes putting outfits together an easy job and creates an illusion of variety. Though black gives you a classy, mysterious look, don’t go all black with your outfit—it’ll make you look formless and bland. For example, a black t-shirt pairs well with blue or grey jeans, but not black jeans. You can also use black accessories to accentuate your look further.

 Accessorize: Speaking of accessories, it’s always good to accessorize. Not just black accessories—though they work great to accentuate casual multicolored outfits—you can use any accessory to give your outfit a personal touch. So use a pair of dark sunglasses, a classy watch, and maybe even a cool hat, to add variety to your outfits. Even something as simple as a Gryffindor scarf can help you start conversations with strangers that like Harry Potter.

 Trousers and tops: It’s true that pants are a vital part in an outfit, but they don’t need to be different every time. People tend to focus more on the shirts in your outfit. Around three pairs of jeans—black, grey, and blue—will suffice to pair with tons of shirts.

Things to avoid

The second key to being fashionable is avoiding being extra—both in your outfits and expenses. You don’t need to spend thousands to look fashionable. Just avoid a few things and you’ll be good to go.

 Being too flashy: Going for everything glittering and shiny doesn’t make for a fashionable outfit. On the contrary, it makes you look too flamboyant. The key is to start small, like a cool belt, some nice shoes, or maybe a crazy color to finish it off with a personal touch and give you a unique look.

 Being overly brand-conscious: It might seem like a good idea to wear only the top brands, but it’s not. Making your personality all about brands makes you seem ingenious at best and lacking a sense of dressing at worst. Instead of going for that Gucci bag, Armani shirts, and Nike sneakers, get things that are priced reasonably. Or, you can do even better and purchase fair trade clothing. Here’s a guide to fair trade clothing shopping.

 Too much of merch: Though everyone likes DC/Marvel movies and comics, it often works against you when your outfit is all about something mainstream. Find normal outfits that blend in and wear something that shows off your style.

Apart from the tips above, a few other things should be kept in mind. Wear clothes that fit, unless the looseness of your dress is part of the fashion trend. Well-fitting clothes generally make you feel confident, making you look more fashionable and classier. And it goes without saying that personal hygiene is a major part of your looks, so make sure you pay attention to it. That being said, just have fun while finding yourself your signature look. Take care!

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