How to recreate The Office’s famous gift basket for your clients

How to recreate The Office’s famous gift basket for your clients

So, you’ve got a client, or a friend, who’s a fan of The Office and his/her birthday is coming up. Naturally, you want to find the perfect gift. In the famous words of Michael Scott, “Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness.” So, as you might have already guessed from the title, today we’ll cover how you can recreate The Office’s famous gift basket.

Let’s cover what you need to include in this gift basket.

Peanut brittles

Peanut brittles are the best sweets to include in your gift basket to convey a warm message, especially if they’re homemade. The richness of sugar and peanuts will send your client down the memory lane of family time on Christmas.

Macadamia nut cookies

If your client is a fan of white chocolate and cookies, say no more. Macadamia nut cookies are the most delicious combination of two. They’re extra chewy unlike the basic cookies sold in the markets. Their distinct buttery flavour is mouthwatering. You can never go wrong with this choice.

Chocolate turtles

“WHERE ARE THE TURTLES?” They’re here uneaten in your bag of goodies! They’re chewy, gooey, salty and sweet! This is everything one could crave for. You’re client would absolutely love this snack. Not only would it remind him/her of the iconic Turtle scene, but also boost their energy level in no time.

Raspberry jam

Throw mini jars of raspberry jam in there. It’s the perfect breakfast for busy people because they’re always “running late”. That way, would be helping your client start the day the right way. We mean… who doesn’t love to start his/her day off with raspberry jam?

Assistant to the regional manager” sign

This sign would be a great addition to any gift basket based on The Office. Anyone who’s watched the show would instantly recognize it, and your client, who’s a fan, would love you for including it.

World’s Best Boss” cup

Like the sign, this cup is another signature item from the show that any fan would instantly recognize. Plus, you can use this one as a compliment to tell your client that you think he’s a great boss!


We’re not sure if you remember, but pretzels are pretty important in the show. Your client shouldn’t have to wait another 364 days until the next Pretzel Day. Squeeze a bag or two of pretzels in the basket and leave nice notes or quotations from the show.

What’s interesting about the gift basket is its mystery

Its last component, according to Michael, is “A little bit of fat and salt because you know what that’s what people like!” This leaves you room to think out of the basket and add your creative touch.

Wicker basket with a red ribbon

Lastly, put all of this into a cute wicker basket, wrap the whole package with cellophane wrap, and top it all off with neatly tied red ribbon. And there you have it, your perfectly prepared The Office themed gift basket is ready!

Gift baskets demonstrate teamsmanship. It’s no secret that business can be cultivated through personal relations. A bag of goodies is merely a symbol of your interest in your clients. The symbol can be cliché and impersonal or have an everlasting effect. You decide the connection you have.

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