The desire of every woman is to look absolutely good and at the same time attract full attention through her make-up. One aspect that is very important to every woman is make-up for the eyes, as they can clearly be defined. Hence, choosing the best eyeshadow  that brings together complementary hues, shades, and textures is a must for stunning and attractive eyes.

There are many options for the right eyeshade, but if you don’t consider the right points, you can end up buying an eyeshadow that doesn’t suit you. The shade you choose will make a difference as it will affect the way you look. Hence, here are a few tips to help you choose the best eyeshadow and great-looking eyes.

Skin tone

An eyeshadow to match your skin tone is the first step in selecting a shade. Your skin tone plays a significant role in choosing the most suitable colors. If you have a dark skin tone, an eyeshadow with light colors will work best for you. 

For your eyes to stand out, you may also need colors that contrast with your skin. Examples include colors like gold or bronze, which slightly highlight your eyes and make for a nice look. In contrast, natural colors are best for prominent eyes. Also, avoid colors like pink, so your eyes don’t appear more significant than they already are.

Here are some shade examples from our collection.

Vegan Mineral Bronzer

Parlor Tan Eyeshadow

Mineral Eye Makeup Dusty Rose

Eye Color

This is another essential factor in choosing a perfect eyeshadow. Choose eyeshadow colors that match your eye color, and that usually means contrasting colors. For example, a brown or copper-colored eyeshadow is the perfect choice for women with blue eyes and a cool, fair-skinned complexion. On the other hand, a dark-skinned woman with brown eyes is more likely to choose colors that match her eyes.

Match your eye color with these shades from our collection.

Mineral Eye Makeup Espresso

Chocolate Kiss Eye Candy Eye Shadow

Natural Eye Makeup Blue Moon

Green Apple Loose Eyeshadow

Shade Variation

In addition to the selection of eyeshadow, there are also variations in the effect. There are shiny, glittering, iridescent, shimmering, and matt colors. It’s all a matter of taste or opportunity.

For daily make-up or business make-up needs, we recommend matt and slightly iridescent but not too bright colors. For an evening or party make-up, you can work more intensely on the effect. In candlelight or disco lighting, glitter or shimmer comes into its own as accents. 

But be careful! It shouldn’t shine and glitter everywhere. The most beautiful shimmer effects are created in the selective application, just like the shades from our collection.

Gold Sparkle Loose Eyeshadow

Loose Eyeshadow Smokey

Natural Eye Makeup Mystic Silver

Eyeshadow Brush

A good eyeshadow brush is highly recommended for applying eyeshadow. It can be used both for applying the primer on the lid and the crease and for the essential blending of the colored eye shadow

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