How to wear bracelets correctly: with what, on which arm or leg, how many pieces and how not to

A few decades ago, for a combination of bright colors and large jewelry in one image, they could be branded a “dude”, or even worse. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers could not even dream of experimenting with their clothes and wearing something extraordinary: everyone had to wear gray or brown, putting on jewelry – a wedding ring at most. Fortunately, these times are over, and the strict rules of etiquette are already behind us. However, getting used to obeying a large number of rules, we ask ourselves many questions, for example, which hand is supposed to wear accessories, why you can’t wear different socks on your feet, etc. Let’s figure out what is permissible in today’s society and what is not.

On which hand to wear bracelets for men and women

The recommendations of designers and stylists are ambiguous. And all because today both our ladies and men are divided into two completely opposite groups of people. Some behave like true classics and prefer to pick up and wear jewelry where etiquette tells them. In this case, the bracelet must be worn on the right hand, and nothing else: after all, the watch must be present on the left hand. Others prefer not to obey any rules and experiment with jewelry as their sense of taste or mood tells them. What to do?

The traditional classic version of wearing a bracelet is on the hand without a watch.


When it comes to jewelry, remember one piece of advice here: no restrictions. Today, both in fashion houses and on an ordinary street, ladies put on accessories on both their right and left hands, without limiting themselves to any postulates. However, regarding the correct selection of accessories for clothing, there are still some nuances:
• if you put on a large ring, then it is recommended to put the bracelet on the opposite hand, because an overabundance of huge jewelry will make your image heavier;
• large accessories in bright colors, for example, a red bracelet , should be worn exclusively in late spring or summer under light-colored clothes, for example, on the right hand, and you can wear several small rings on the left;
• women’s silver bracelet, for example, Pandora, worn mainly on the right hand, as it perfectly attracts attention and shimmers noticeably in the light;
• jewelry made of jewelry alloys, for example, a copper bracelet, is recommended to be worn under dark strict dresses or casual style on the left hand, since such an accessory will weigh quite a lot; • As for products made of precious metals, women wear a gold bracelet on their right hand, while at the same time they prefer to wear a watch made of gold or another material on their left hand, but the color matches well with a touch of precious metal.
• accessories made from inexpensive minerals such as tiger’s eye or moonstone should be well combined in color with a handbag or shoes. So the image will seem more expensive and more attractive. You can wear it both with a watch on your left hand, and on your right, next to a small beautiful handbag.


The powers that be in relation to this accessory are also indirectly divided into two groups:
• some, if they wear bracelets, then only on their right hand, as this is required by the dress code at work or a strict business style. Although in our country it is almost impossible to meet a serious person in a suit and a bracelet.
• Others wear both precious and ordinary ones, such as leather bracelets , where they simply don’t get in the way. The powers that be in relation to this accessory are also indirectly divided into two groups:
• some, if they wear bracelets, then only on their right hand, as this is required by the dress code at work or a strict business style. Although in our country it is almost impossible to meet a serious person in a suit and a bracelet.
• Others wear both precious and ordinary ones, such as leather bracelets, where they simply don’t get in the way.

As for etiquette, according to the rules, a man will put a gold or silver bracelet on his right hand. But it is not recommended to complement the watch with accessories on the left wrist, as this may be considered vulgarity.


Many Orthodox people are interested in where to wear a church bracelet. An unambiguous answer to this question cannot be found: some believe that the accessory from the evil eye should be worn on the left wrist, which is closer to the heart, and on the right – only when a person suffers from health problems. And the priests believe that this issue is completely unimportant, since faith is in a person’s soul, and not in decoration.

But still there are a few rules that are welcome to observe:
• If you buy a church bracelet for yourself, then it is advisable to put it on right in the church or monastery immediately after the consecration.
• A bracelet bought in a regular store as a gift to a loved one or friend should be worn only after reading the Lord’s Prayer.

Remember that according to the rules, church accessories are not worn on the body below the waistline. Those. wearing a church bracelet on the leg is prohibited.


Separately, a few words about magnetic accessories, which today have gained immense popularity not only among aged people, but also among young people. It is believed that this decoration has a very good effect on the health of its owner, since the magnetic field interacts with some “tricky” points on the human hand, helping to improve blood circulation, stabilizing pressure, and also favorably affecting the human cardiovascular system.

However, keep in mind that it is not recommended to wear a watch and a hematite bracelet on one hand at the same time for two reasons:
1. Reduced positive impact on a person. Natural magnets help to activate the internal capabilities of the body and improve its general condition. However, it is believed that if there is a neighbor in the form of a large mechanism next to such a bracelet, then the magnets affect him more than their owner.
2. Great effect of a powerful magnet on the batteries and on the accuracy of the watch movement. The clock will either lag / rush, or simply fail.


We answer: it is definitely possible , and in some cases even necessary. However, such overweight jewelry should be properly matched to the style of clothing, and it is worth wearing them for certain events. Now in order.

Bracelets look very appropriate on both hands of a girl under a business, but not particularly strict style. For example, if you have a wonderful bright peach-colored jacket and ordinary classic thin jeans in your wardrobe, then such a bow will be elegantly complemented by massive bracelets for two hands. These can be round metal accessories, complemented by chain bracelets , beads or a Shamballa accessory. Or wood and plastic products made in the form of open rings . As for the color scheme, there are two options here: we select an accessory to match the jacket or in a completely opposite color , and both options look interesting and tasteful.

Two lace bracelets worn on the right and left hands look incomparable and interesting. This fashionable idea in the modern world gained popularity not so long ago, but it is already merging into the image of our lovely ladies. Such accessories are appropriate for a business style of clothing with open hands. For example, under a white sleeveless shirt, two wonderful black lace bracelets will go well. They will also go well with a light blouse and a pencil skirt.

As for the shape of the bracelets, there are no strict rules here. Beauties with graceful thin hands can wear any jewelry that they like, and ladies of magnificent forms should choose more subtle accessories.

Bracelets on both hands look fashionable and interesting, worn over the sleeve of an oversized sweater . On the one hand, the combination of a jumper and jeans is an ordinary everyday outfit that is unlikely to attract attention, but if you diversify it with large bracelets on both hands and, in addition, competently combine them with a bag or shoes, then you definitely will not go unnoticed.


If you want to combine several jewelry on one hand, but not overdo it and not overweight the image, then we will be happy to give you some advice on this.
1. Large or layered accessories are what people first notice when they first meet. Therefore, if you put a few bracelets on your hand, and then complement it all with huge earrings and a large ring, then the first thought that a person will have in mind when meeting you will be: “bust”. If you decide to focus attention in the image with several bracelets on your hands, the rest of the “large-sized” beauty should remain in the box.
2. Despite the fact that knee-highs are no longer welcome in fashion circles, our lovely ladies continue to wear them stubbornly almost every day, arguing this simply: “warmth and comfortable”. But in order not to be considered a “gray mouse” and diversify the image, combinations of several bracelets on one hand will help us out. You can choose accessories that are the same in texture, or completely different: for example, take a few beaded jewelry and a pandora bracelet. This touch will give an interesting accent to your casual clothes, and you, in turn, will be able to calmly continue to walk around in your favorite golf.

If we talk about experiments with accessories, then we live in a time when they are not only not prohibited, but encouraged by designers and stylists.

3. Two bracelets on one hand also look good in combination with a large ring worn on the opposite hand. Moreover, under such accessories, you can choose almost any clothing in shape and style. Even just a bikini with a hat, if the walk is along the seashore.
4. And if you are a fan of wearing a lot of bracelets-rings on one hand, it is recommended today to combine them with jeans or a light summer dress in a small flower. Such an accent will greatly emphasize the beauty of your hands and add a touch of elegance to the image.

You can talk about the combination of these accessories for a long time, but all their recommendations are based on one single rule: accessories should harmoniously emphasize your image, not make it heavier and not give you age, otherwise it is better to do without jewelry at all.

How to match the bracelet with the watch

This topic began to be actively discussed about five years ago, when watches on a long bracelet, which wrapped around the hand several times, came into fashion, and the topic remains relevant to this day. Let’s see what rules should be followed when choosing an accessory in the form of a bracelet for a watch.


A women’s bracelet and watch should not only emphasize the taste and fashionable bow of their owner, but also be an original part of the image that a woman creates for herself. And so that you can correctly and without mistakes determine what to wear and with what, use our tips:
• a small mechanical watch with a metal strap is perfect for neat chains made of precious metals or other thin accessories in the color of the watch. At the same time, several thin rings without flashy inserts and patterns can complement the row.
• Gold and gold-plated jewelry looks good with a white or just a light-colored watch strap.
• white metals – silver or platinum – will make an excellent composition with watches instructed by loose stones, even if the stones are not precious.

Remember that expensive watches should emphasize expensive accessories.

• a Pandora bracelet with a watch will look original and very fashionable this year, however, such an ornament weighs quite decently, so you should not additionally weight your hand with large rings.
• lovers of bright colors will suit cardinal contrasting combinations, for example, a red watch and a green bracelet (or vice versa). Such an ensemble will look great both under jeans and under a light plain dress.
• massive women’s jewelry this year has become a real hit, so you can pick up large bracelets of the same width on the other hand for watches on a thick metal strap.
• but with bracelets made of precious or semi-precious stones you have to be especially careful. For example, a garnet bracelet or jewelry with diamonds will not tolerate a cheap ordinary watch next to or even on the next hand: an accessory made of yellow or white gold is required here.


And a few rules about how to wear a men’s bracelet with a watch:
1. Wear a metal bracelet and a watch at the same time , preferably on different hands. Stylists recommend doing it this way, because if the jewelry and the watch are made of different materials, for example, a watch made of steel and a bracelet made of gold, it will look simply ridiculous. 2. Also remember that neat thin bracelets
go well with watches . And large, too pretentious jewelry, even next to an expensive mechanism, will look tasteless and vulgar. 3. You should not combine expensive watches of famous brands and cheap jewelry in one look. 4. If you prefer to wear

huge sports smart watches or fitness bracelets , then you need to select accessories for them, also made in a sports style.

Regardless of all our advice, don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories. Even the most unfortunate at first glance compositions are sometimes very welcome in design circles.

Choosing the “best” leg for the bracelet

Usually , we perceive an ankle bracelet as an accessory that is worn on the beach under slippers and bikinis. But few people know that this little thing has a rather deep history and traditions. This decoration came to our culture in the 20th century along with the hippie culture, however, in the East, the tradition of wearing anklets (anklets on the leg) goes back to the distant past of the Sumerian peoples. For them, the accessory acted as a gift from the groom to the bride and, like the engagement ring, was considered a symbol of strong mutual love, long marriage and well-being in the family. Young brides and wives wore a bracelet on their left leg, and girls with a bad reputation on their right. Regarding Christians, they believed that only the person who lost his beloved could wear jewelry on his leg, however, this jewelry did not take root in our culture.

Crocheted leg bracelets have become very popular this year. Ask if you like this accessory idea.

However, let’s leave the story for a while and figure out on which leg to wear bracelets for women. There are no special rules here. The main thing is the right clothes and relevance in the image.

Recent fashion shows have shown that thin bracelets on a chain are relevant today . Best worn with styles: lady like, lady boss, sport chic or casual. The French presented thin gold jewelry as bracelets on their feet and suggested combining them with beach slippers in bright colorful shades, and American fashion designers proposed wearing oriental anklets woven from two chains with classic pumps in black, white or red shades under trousers of different tones, light-colored jeans or long skirts with small prints.

Is it possible to wear someone else’s bracelet

This question most often arises in three cases:
• the decoration was inherited from relatives;
• the bracelet was presented by a friend;
• the accessory was bought, for example, at a flea market or found just in the middle of the street.

Let’s consider each of these options separately.
1. If you have been handed down some kind of jewelry with love, then despite many rules and restrictions, you can safely wear such a bracelet and not even worry that it will bring you misfortune or failure. Usually, gifts that are passed from heart to heart do not carry any negative energy, even if the person who previously owned the accessory did not have an enviable life, but faced many life problems. Such things will bring you not only well-being, but will also serve as a talisman that will protect you from problems and adverse circumstances. Therefore, feel free to put on your grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s bracelet and don’t worry about anything.

You can wear things donated or inherited from your loved ones, because they will play the role of a talisman and bring you good luck.

2. A little different should be done with things donated by a friend . In this case, you must be 100% sure that your friend is on the same wavelength with you, i.e. she really is your best friend and has no negative attitude towards you behind her soul. Then there should be no problems, the decoration will serve you for a long time and you can wear it at least every day. The situation is different if you do not fully believe your friend: you noticed that she envies you or she likes your young man. In this case, to protect yourself, leave the gift on the shelf or sell it, as it is not known with what feelings and thoughts the jewelry was handed over to you.
3. If the accessory was bought from the hands of strangers or just found on the street, we advise you to free the jewelry from the energy of an outsider. You can do it this way: if the bracelet is made of precious metal, then it should be dipped in clean drinking water for 2-3 hours, adding 1 tablespoon of salt there. And if the bracelet is jewelry or you have purchased a precious piece of jewelry with inserts unknown to you, then it is better not to add salt, since it is not known how all this beauty will react to it. After bathing, it is recommended to wipe the accessories with medical alcohol and a dry soft cloth.

Summing up, I would like to say that today the boundaries of decent and indecent and in the rules of wearing clothes and accessories have become very blurred. After all, for example, if instead of your right hand you put a bracelet on your left hand or vice versa, nothing has fundamentally changed in you, since you have not become less or more decent person, but still remain a good person. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment with images and accessories: every day, even just to cheer up your mood, offer yourself to wear one or another piece of jewelry. Even if someone once says something unpleasant about your appearance, but this is only his opinion and it does not matter at all, the main thing is that you feel harmonious and in high spirits in any “freshly invented” role.

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