My Solution to Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally.

Tired of bad breath? Here are my solutions to end it naturally! Tobacco, alcohol, a heavy meal, a cavity or health problems can cause bad breath. If like me, you are a paranoid of foul breath, that your worst nightmare is to wither all the flowers with a single breath, here are some ways to overcome it. Brushing your teeth is not always enough to keep your breath fresh. Usually, bacteria on the tongue or poor digestion are the cause of the problem.

1. Impeccable oral hygiene

To effectively wash your mouth and eradicate these famous bacteria, you must also clean your tongue . How ? By taking a tablespoon, back against the palate that we will come to grate on the tongue. You can repeat the operation several times, taking care to rinse the spoon well with each pass. We know if his tongue is clean when there is no more deposit on the spoon. Then you can concoct a homemade mouthwash with fresh parsley. In approximately 10 cl of boiling water (the equivalent of a mustard glass), infuse a handful of fresh parsley. Let cool. You can use this mixture in addition to a good complete cleaning of your mouth as you would with a classic mouthwash.

2. Better nutrition

Sugary and protein-rich foods, such as candy or meat, will help the bad bacteria that cause bad breath grow. Garlic, onion or cabbage have a bad reputation because they are very fragrant. But it would be a shame to remove them from our diet, because they provide essential nutrients to our body. As their smell does not come from bacteria but from the product itself, we get rid of them with impeccable oral hygiene. Alcohol, coffee tend to dry out the mouth (like tobacco), which causes heavy breath.

3. Aid digestion

A very hearty meal or simply a temporary discomfort can also be the source of unpleasant breath. Mint green tea to aid digestion or carrot juice are good natural and effective solutions. Coriander, thyme, bay leaf or cumin are also excellent: remember to flavor your dishes with them. If you don’t have parsley at home, you can bite into a clove or anise seed , or even suck on a cinnamon stick All these spices have formidable antibacterial properties against bad breath.

Savings achieved

Chewing gum (€2), mouth sprays (from €3), mouthwashes (around €4), specialized toothbrushes (up to €4.50) and medicines (The price depends on “honesty” of your pharmacist) for digestion are all solutions, not necessarily effective, which melt your money like snow in the sun. If we combine them all (and yes, there is work sometimes!) we have more than 15 € per month. Admittedly it’s not huge, but at how-to-save we like to pay attention to all our expenses.

Your turn…

Do you know of any other remedies for bad breath? You will be happy if you share them in comments .

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