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  • Feed The Hungry

Fact Check: 35 million American (including more than 10 million children) lives in food-insecure households.
Feeding the hungry is one way we can make a difference. As part of our partnership with UHSC, we have a food pantry every Tuesday. We strive to distribute safe and nutritious food to homeless families in Chicago County. We provide them with fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat. Our partners and well-wishers have always ensured we have food to distribute.
We appeal for more donations to feed a bigger number. Your generous contribution will accelerate our mission and bring the change we all desire.
We use our personal garden as a source of fresh fruit and vegetables to provide individuals with healthy foods.

  • Shelter the Homeless

Fact check: • In Chicago, over 65,000 people were reported to be homeless in 2020.
Servya Global Services strives to end homelessness not only in Chicago but in wider America.
Therefore, we have partnered with the United Human Services Center, which donated 22 vacant lots. These lots can be used to build homeless shelters to house the homeless. However, the Servya organization lacks the financial capacity to build the shelters.
By contributing to our cause, we can build a shelter for the homeless. These homes can act as temporary shelters for the homeless.

Our objective is to provide temporary shelter and resources to other homeless shelters.

  • Promote Agriculture and farming

Fact Check: • In 2019, about 481,720 people living in Chicago County were food insecure.
Food insecurity can be combated through the promotion of agriculture and farming. Therefore, through our partnership with United Human Services, we offer a variety of opportunities to teach youth, veterans, and low-income communities how to grow their own food.
Our goal is to continue empowering our communities to eat and live properly.

  • Credit Counseling

Lack of financial literacy is among the factors that promote poverty. Financial freedom calls for excellent financial decisions and know-how. At Servya, we have a credit counselling program that helps low-income consumers maintain and improve their credit scores. This is by teaching them how to use credit wisely, encouraging them to make smart financial decisions, and helping them understand how credit works.
Our counselling sessions will highlight the importance of maintaining a good credit score, how to dispute errors on their credit report, and how to make smart financial decisions.

  • Job placement

Unemployment can lead to homelessness at some point. You need a stable job to pay bills and own an apartment. The Servya organization has a job placement program that offers a perfect solution if you’re searching for a job. Using our service, you will be able to connect with people who are seeking employees for their company.
Our wish is to help you find the right job based on your skill level and education.

  • Mentorship Program

We provide educational tutoring to children who need it through our educational programs. In addition, we offer job readiness, resume writing services, and financial literacy workshops.
We desire to help people become their best selves.

  • Creative Art Classes

ART is the foundation of all life, earth. All of us are creators, and we all can create. We offer creative art classes where you can learn how to make handmade jewelry, purses, candles, artwork pieces, and much more.
Be on the lookout on our events for our upcoming classes to help us raise funds.