Six ways to recharge during your vacation

Summer is the perfect time to take a break. It is easy to leave the office, it is much more difficult to force the office to leave you. I bet a good half of you will rush to check your work email to see if something urgent has happened. Do not rush to succumb to this impulse!

The desire to return to work during a long-awaited vacation is not so easy to overcome. According to a study conducted by the staffing company Randstad US in August 2015, 46% of employees feel anxious about work during their holidays, and 49% experience stress when they return.

To avoid falling into this half, follow six simple tips that will allow you to enjoy your vacation and rejuvenate.

1. Don’t leave anything hanging

The only way to properly relax without feeling guilty is to “tie up all the ends” before going on vacation. You need to inform colleagues about the dates of departure and return and appoint a responsible person who will act as a contact person while you are away. Typically, vacationers set up special messages on their answering machine and email program so everyone can know when they’re gone. While some entrepreneurs feel that going offline is a missed opportunity for business , it’s the only way to fully relax without too much excitement. You just need to make sure that all tasks that are due during your vacation are transferred to other employees or postponed until you return.

2. Finish urgent work at the airport

If some task fell on you at the last moment, and you do not have time to finish it before leaving, do it right at the airport while you are waiting for the flight. Most importantly, make sure you have everything you need with you.

3. Don’t open work apps

Vacation will bring you much more joy if you close all office applications and resist the temptation to look at work email. And be sure to turn off notifications! We do not suggest locking your phone in a safe or in a locker, simply because we know that you will not go for it (and here we agree with you).

4. No electronic devices while eating

During meals, all electronic devices should be put aside. At the table, only face-to-face conversations should be conducted, as in the good old days.

5. Write down ideas the old fashioned way

If you have an idea related to work, do not rush to turn on your laptop. It is better to make a note with a pen or pencil in a small (paper!) Notepad. And then put the notebook aside to look at it after the holidays.

6. Use a timer if necessary

If you really can’t avoid work while on vacation, set yourself a Pomodoro timer and limit yourself to twenty-five minutes of work a day. A lot can be done in 25 minutes if you know it’s the only amount of time available. If you violate this restriction, remember that your relatives, friends or companions will be very unhappy with you.

How to restore strength?

Don’t forget, a vacation is a chance to get rid of the tension that constantly accompanies you in the workplace. If you allow yourself to get re-engaged and stressed out, you will miss out on a great opportunity to recharge your batteries and come back from vacation ready for new work achievements.

Can you give me some advice on how best to relax? Leave it in the comments.

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