SPORTSWEAR | Dress Appropriately for Your Favorite Sport

During a workout in the gym, you could finally work out again and concentrate fully on the exercises thanks to your women’s sportswear: the sports bra gives you the proper support, the yoga leggings do not slip even in difficult positions, and the breathable one Fitness tops lets a lot of air into your arms. Because sportswear is so comfortable for the cozy part afterward, you simply swap the outfit you have worn for the tracksuit after the shower. 

Here you can find out which items of clothing match your sport.

Sportswear Makes Sense

A run through the park, training in a club, or a sweaty workout in the studio – you are ready for your favorite sport with the right sportswear. Sportswear usually consists of functional fabrics that are breathable and dry quickly. 

They allow air to escape and prevent you from sweating uncomfortably under your clothes. Thanks to the ergonomic cuts, the clothes don’t bother you even if you do a headstand while doing yoga or stretch your arms up while playing basketball. 

Special sports bras support your chest during high-intensity exercises. In addition, your sportswear offers you extras such as special pockets, ventilation slots, or reflectors, depending on the sport.

Freedom of Movement

Breathable, streamlined running clothing made of functional fabrics supports you on your run. These parts are recommended when jogging:

Functional underwear for runners: To support your chest, you should wear a suitable sports bra when running. Special practical panties can also increase walking comfort; available socks ensure that your running shoes fit well and that you have good support in them.

Running tights and sports shorts: Due to their tight fit and elastic material, running tights adapt to the movements while running. Plus, they don’t slide or flutter in the wind. Sports shorts are particularly suitable for jogging in summer.

Running shirts and jackets: Depending on the weather, you can wear running shirts with long or short sleeves. If there is wind, you put on a light women’s running jacket.

Hit the Gym in Airy Clothes

For your indoor training, clothing that is airy, breathable, and comfortable is ideal. Here you can read which outfits you can use to work out comfortably on the equipment or in courses:

Long and short fitness pants: For sports such as yoga or Pilates, you will find sports leggings, yoga pants, or comfortable training pants. If you like a little more air in your legs, you can go for short sports pants.

Shirts and tops: With matching sports tops, your shoulders remain free, and there is air under your arms. This is very pleasant during sweaty workouts on the equipment or in power courses such as Zumba.

Sports suits: With tracksuits, you can keep warm during the training breaks. Since they are cut very comfortably, you can also wear them at home for a cozy evening.

Robust Outfits for Outdoor Activities

Sportswear for outdoor activities is characterized by light, particularly hard-wearing, and mostly quick-drying and breathable fabrics. With weatherproof properties and various practical extras, outdoor outfits support your adventures in nature.

Blouses and sweaters: Blouses are fashionable alternatives to functional shirts. A sports sweater will keep you warm in cooler temperatures.

Jackets and coats: So that you can be active in the fresh air in autumn and winter, sports jackets provide the necessary warmth. Special women’s outdoor jackets are suitable for hiking, while ski jackets accompany you on the slopes. The jackets are lined with synthetic fibers or real feathers and down in different thicknesses depending on the model.

Outdoor trousers: Women’s rain trousers ensure that your legs do not get wet in a shower. Ski pants keep your legs warm and dry on the ski slopes.

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