Everyone is looking forward to spring and especially to the first rays of sunshine in the morning. Because then it’s twice as much fun to get up and go to work. But when it slowly becomes summer, and the sun is already thundering in our faces in the morning, it’s over with fun. When the temperatures rise, we should change our makeup routine a little because the makeup has run off, the skin begins to sweat. The mascara is no longer just on the eyelashes. 

With the right preparation, nothing stands in the way of long-lasting summer makeup.

Oily Skin

Most of us face oily skin during summer, but there are ways to keep our makeup on it. First, only use a little powder or makeup because the pores expand slightly in the heat and are only clogged even more. This, in turn, stimulates the sebum glands more strongly.

When it comes to maintenance, less is more in summer. However, the skin should not be over-cared for; otherwise, it will begin to shine. In summer, washing gels with a neutral pH value and moisturizing care such as light emulsions or serums are important.

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It’s better to wait for about 15 minutes after applying the cream before you start laying the liquid foundation. Because only then are emulsions or serums really drawn in. You should avoid using waterproof foundations and makeup with silicone in summer because they do not allow the skin to breathe enough. The result is heat build-up in the skin and increased perspiration on the face. 

It’s better to choose light makeup and pat it in with a moistened beauty blender. For the looks that last longer without smudging, use settings spray or mineral water sprays to seal the makeup and keep it cool at the same time.

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Eye Makeup

Since the eyelid line often becomes oily in summer, it is better to apply an eyeshadow base or a primer before the eyeshadow. Then, you can use waterproof mascara. Or, a waterproof mascara topcoat with your regular mascara on your eyes. You should better avoid slightly creamy textures such as kajal in summer, as everything often blurs over the day. And suddenly, you have panda eyes.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve natural, beautiful summer makeup is a bronzer. Simply put a little of it in the crease of the eyelid and on the lower lash line. Combined with a little mascara, the real miracle works.

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If you are a lipstick lover, it is better to use a matte finish. Because in summer your skin and hair shine enough and your lips don’t have to glitter with them. To make your lipstick last longer, first, apply a little matting primer to the lips. Then surround it with a little more concealer. So the lipstick cannot “leak” and last longer in the summer heat. 

Suppose you don’t want to apply a highly pigmented lipstick, gloss, or lip balm. In that case, you must use a protective layer of lip care with sunscreen beforehand. Because the skin on the lips is just as sensitive as the skin around your eyes, and risk of sunburn is always there.

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