The best furniture for newlyweds

One of the most expensive, yet neglected, part of weddings is furnishing the home. It doesn’t help that the world of furniture is extremely confusing, making your decisions extremely difficult. Should you buy that expensive coffee table? What about that reclining chair? In the excitement of the wedding, everything seems essential, even when it isn’t.

We, at The Romance Nook, are here to simplify your life (and buying decisions). So today, we’ll be covering what things are worth spending more on, and what furniture you can cheap out on. Let’s get started!

Furniture you can splurge on

1. Mattress and bedding: We spend a third of our lives on our beds. Combine that with the fact that an average mattress lasts more than 10 years, and the answer is obvious. Spend more on pillows, mattresses, comforters, etc. If you’re well-rested, you’ll be able to function much better during your waking hours. So an investment into your sleep will pay manifold.

2. Sofa: Whenever you’re home and not in bed, chances are good that you’ll be on your sofa. Like beds, sofas last a really long time; so your body will feel the effects of a good (or bad) investment. Sofas are also great for a plethora of uses, so invest in a good one.

3. Decorative pieces: When it comes to a newlyweds’ house, decorative pieces can turn that house into a home. If there’s a particular painting you see that goes extremely well with your bedroom furniture and speaks to you personally, buy it if it doesn’t break your bank. Decorative pieces can add a lot of personality to your home.

Things you should avoid spending too much on

1. Wardrobe: A lot of people overspend on buying the most elegant or the most spacious wardrobe they can find. It’s good to match your wardrobe with the rest of the furniture, and make sure that you’ve got enough room to store your clothes, but don’t go overspending on one.

2. Dining/coffee table: When it comes to dining/coffee tables, a lot of newlyweds fall into the trap of buying the more expensive ones. Newlywed or not, these tables won’t be adding a whole lot of utility to your lives, so you can cheap out on these a little.

3. Rugs: A good rug can turn a small room with relatively cheap furniture into a grand affair, which is the reason a lot of people overspend on these. Rugs can get outrageously expensive; so unless you’re a billionaire, get a nice one but don’t go out of your way to get the most intricate one.

4. Lighting: Crystal lamps might look beautiful, but acrylic ones look identical and cost several hundred dollars less. One of the biggest benefits of advances in technology is that lighting (we’re talking about great lighting) is available for pretty cheap now. You can also score deals in a variety of places, locally and online. So browse around and focus on getting the best deals when it comes to this one.

Now, when you go furniture shopping, you’ll know where to better spend your hard-earned cash (and where to save it). We hope that you found these tips helpful. If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to cover, do let us know. Until next time!

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