For women choosing the right outfit for a special occasion is essential. But choosing the right jewelry is equally crucial for looks that capture all eyes and reflect their status and character. You can either make or break your looks with the selection of jewelry.

Many women stand in front of the mirror and often ask themselves: “Too conspicuous for this occasion? Too sporty? “. When looking at a well-filled jewelry box, the choice is often complicated. The countless combination options do not make choosing the ideal combination for a particular occasion any easier. But not anymore; we will show you how you are right when choosing your jewelry for every occasion and every event. 

Jewelry for wedding

There is the perfect opportunity to wear more flashy and glamorous jewelry pieces as a guest at a wedding, as long as you don’t use them to outdo the bride. For a monochrome outfit, we recommend jewelry that forms a clear contrast to it. For example, a red dress fits a ring with green emerald and matching earrings. 

On the other hand, with a colorful dress, a clear contrast is more so that it is not covered. Diamond or zircon jewelry with white or colorless diamonds would be the best choice. In general, it is better to have a few pieces of jewelry that deliberately set contrasts and accents than too much.

Here are some wedding jewelry ideas from our collection.

Silver Heart Cut Emerald Zircon Ring

Floral Hoop LV Earrings

Rhodium Brass Jewelry Set with Zircon in Clear

Rhodium Brass Jewelry 3w1412 

Rhodium Brass Jewelry Set 3W1422

Jewelry in the office

In the office, restraint is the order of the day because as beautiful as the new shiny necklace may be. But in connection with a business costume, it looks somewhat out of place, even if it is more than welcome for an evening invitation. 

Jewelry in the office should not be too conspicuous but complement the outfit in a targeted manner. For example, simple stud earrings, a simple, not too long white gold chain with a small shiny pendant. A subtle ladies’ ring creates a nice contrast to a dark costume or a combination of a dark skirt and white blouse without being too intrusive or glamorous.

Check out some of our workplace jewelry collections.

New Women’s Silver Classic Heart Diamond Ring

Holly Pendant Necklace (Multiple Colors)

Gold Brass Jewelry Set with Cubic Zircon in Clear

Rhodium Brass Necklace with Cubic Zircon in Clear

LV Silver Stud Button Earrings

Jewelry for Evening Invitations

Here it can be a little more; diamond, zircon, and moissanite jewelry are trump cards. Diamond or zircon earrings in a flowing shape, such as a teardrop shape, are gorgeous to go with the classic evening dress in black. A matching necklace and bracelet complete the outfit. 

For more formal occasions, make sure that the jewelry style is coordinated; this is the only way to create a really “round” look. Quite different when visiting a club or at informal parties, everything that pleases is allowed here, and those who like to be the center of attention can also apply a little thicker jewelry.

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