Wear Bodysuit With Comfort and Confidence

No other clothing is so dependent on its quality as the bodysuit. Without the use of elastic fabrics and the right fit, it is hardly usable. Because you want to take off your sexy mini dress for the party tonight, but when you notice that the dress may be cut a little too low for dancing. You still don’t want to switch to a different outfit; you simply pull a bodysuit underneath. In addition, the tight-fitting one-piece also shapes your body contours and provides pleasant support. 

Here I will show you precisely what characterizes bodysuits and how the item can also be combined as tops for different occasions.

Firm and Flexible 

As a solid combination of undershirt and panties, bodysuits cover more than other items of your wardrobe and are pleasantly warm. So that nothing pinches when worn, most one-pieces are made of stretchy fabrics that adapt comfortably to your body shape. With the help of press studs in the crotch area, you can easily open the body when you go to the toilet. Otherwise, one-piece suits differ a lot, and depending on the model, they can be put on flexibly under or over them.

Here is an overview of the different variants.

Discreet Shaping Bodysuits

Shaping bodysuits have an exceptionally high proportion of elastane, which makes them very stretchy. Most models have straps and built-in cups for a good hold, so you can do without a bra. Your breast is supported in the cups and looks rounder. The stretch bodysuits also shape the rest of your upper body and make you look slimmer overall.

Casual Shirt Bodysuits

Shirt bodysuits look like a regular T-shirt or top, but they can also have long sleeves. They are mostly made of soft cotton or jersey fabrics, are opaque and suitable as casual tops. In addition, the one-piece suits have a decisive advantage over classic shirts: They won’t slip out of your pants or skirt even if you bend over or move around a lot.

Seductive Lace Bodysuits

Bodysuits that are covered with lace all around let your skin shimmer through seductively and are fabulous lingerie in fiery red or black. Even more exciting are models with cut-outs on the sides or strapless versions with a wide Carmen neckline that leave your shoulders free. If you want to wear your lace bodysuit during the day, you can pull a top underneath to not show more than you want.

Styling Ideas

As significant as the selection of bodysuits is, they can also be combined in various ways.

In the Office

You can wear a bodysuit as a top even when working in the office. First, choose a blouse body made of white or cream-colored silk. The one-piece looks like a classic blouse with long sleeves, a shirt collar, and a button placket. Then, you can combine it as usual with a dark pencil skirt or pleated trousers and pumps. In cool weather, you can put a blazer over it.

For the Party

Semi-transparent black lace bodysuits are particularly suitable for parties. They can be shown as an exciting detail under a low-cut blazer dress. The contrast between the playful tip and the strict lapel collar is striking. Add high heels and eye-catching jewelry, and you rock the club.

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