What to Donate According to the Season

What to Donate According to the Season

Charity is one of the deeds that enrich not only the recipient but the giver as well. But simply giving away does not an act of donation make—it has to be done right. That is to say, to give to the deserving and to give something that counts. In the words of Ronnie Chan, “It does not matter how much we donate; it matters whether the donation is meaningful.” So, today we will delve into the topic of donating in way that makes it most useful to the needy according to the season.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll divide our seasons into two categories—the warm seasons and the cold seasons.

Warm seasons

Starting with the season that has a relatively low amount of donations—summer. With most of the donors away vacationing, charities suffer a huge downfall in donations, making it very important to donate during summer. Here’s what you can donate to do your part during the “summer slump”.

  • Food: There is always a shortage of food during summer. Charities dedicated to feeding the hungry receive relief from the National School Lunch program, but with summer vacations, they are left scrambling for means during summer.
  • Voluntary service: Every summer, charities see a downfall in volunteers with most of the volunteers vacationing elsewhere. Offering volunteering services during the summer is one of the best things you can do to help out charities and do good for the community.
  • Blood: Injuries happen more frequently with the hustle and bustle of outdoor activities during summer. As a result, the need for blood, which is already quite a lot, increases. Your donation of blood can help avoid a shortage and save lives.

Cold seasons

Even though donations are at an increase during the holidays and “the giving season”, there are still needs that go unfulfilled. There’s no doubt that every donation does some good, but donating things that are needed but get overlooked by many, can make a big impact. You can donate some essential things during the colder seasons to fill the need.

  • Warm clothes: It goes without saying that warm clothing is an excellent thing to donate during colder seasons. With so many homeless people sleeping on the roads, warm clothes are always appreciated by them and charities alike. This makes it especially important to donate blankets to help people sleeping without access to heat. Do consider donating socks and underwear as well, many people overlook these items while donating tees, blankets, and jackets.
  • Toiletries and first-aid items: Things like toilet paper, toothbrushes, band-aids, pads, and hygiene essentials are often left out while making donations. Make sure to bring along some of these items when making a donation. These can mean the world to many people.
  • School supplies: Plenty of school supplies are donated at the beginning of every year, but school supplies are needed all year round. Donate school supplies—like pens/pencils, notebooks, folders, binders—during winter to help students restock exactly when they’re running low on them.
  • Pet food: Winter, with all its additional necessities, makes it harder to care for a pet. Moreover, affording litter, leashes, and other items can be very tough for many pet owners. You can help fill the need by donating those during winter.
  • Cash: It might seem like a disingenuous thing to donate cash, but it’s not. Your cash donation can help charities purchase the exact things that they need. Consider donating cash around Christmas and during winter to help the needy.

That’s all for today. Make sure to donate according to the season to help people in the best possible way. Donating reduces stress and evokes a feeling of gratitude in you, so keep making the world a better place!

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