Why diamonds dream: in rings and earrings, for men and women

As wise people say: “Accidents are not accidental.” The same can be said about dreams. Some believe that a dream is nothing more than a way for Guardian Angels to communicate with a person. So our protectors convey messages to us and warn of future changes in life.

From the point of view of various dream books, seeing a diamond in a dream is a great success, since a diamond in its energy is a stone of love. And this is not at all strange, because only a truly loving person can fork out for such a luxury. Let’s figure out today what a diamond is dreaming of in different situations.

Why find diamonds in a dream

If you dreamed that you found a diamond in a dream, then according to the modern dream book , you should expect a good person to come into your life very soon. If you want to find a family, then meet a husband/wife; lack of communication – meet a good friend / girlfriend; and if business affairs do not develop, then you will be introduced to a person who will become a good partner in business.

Find a diamond ring according to Vanga ‘s dream book – to wealth. Perhaps you should change the scope of your activity in order to start making good money. Try to listen more to the signs of fate, perhaps from time to time you have an option to earn money, but you do not use it to the fullest. Analyze the situation and draw the necessary conclusions.

And if you saw a diamond rain in a dream, then be sure that soon there will be a lot of money in your life.

Freud’s dream book says that diamonds dream of a future good relationship. Most likely, within a month you will meet a person who will become for you not only a good partner, but also a wonderful conversationalist. In the near future, you will be happy, have a wonderful time, solve many pressing problems and get a lot of pleasure from life.

They gave a diamond ring: what the dream book will say

According to the dream book of Miller and Vanga :

  • wearing a diamond jewelry gift in a dream – you will soon reach a high position in society, and some of your dreams will come true in the near future;
  • to see diamonds on relatives and friends – to the success of the dreamer’s relatives
  • a dream in which you saw donated clothes decorated with diamonds portends good luck and luck
  • for a woman to accept crystals as a gift in a dream – this is a favorable sign that a successful marriage will soon come
  • for a very young girl, this dream with a crystal portends pleasant events in her studies, and for a young guy – in relationships with friends.

To believe or not to believe in dreams is a personal matter for everyone, but if we see them, is it not just that? ..

According to the Family and Lunar dream books , if you received a diamond in a dream, soon you can achieve the highest goals that you have set yourself. This is a very good dream. It shows you that all your efforts – either at work or at home – will surely be rewarded. So, despite the obstacles, move forward, keep yourself in good shape, do not pay attention to small setbacks – and everything will turn out the way you want.

Seeing loose diamonds in a dream

The moon dream book says that diamonds dream only of mutual sincere love. If the dreamer becomes the owner of a large number of small diamonds, then in reality this is nothing more than a symbol of recognition of his merits, and if he acquires huge diamonds, then a child or grandson will be born soon in his life, i.e. the family tree will expand.A diamond is a stone that radiates sophistication and taste, if you dreamed of this jewel, then you are a very lucky person.

If a woman dreams of a lot of diamonds, this promises her a pleasant pastime in the circle of like-minded people, friends, good acquaintances, people who support you. If the diamonds are large, then you will find yourself in a rich, luxurious society, and if they are small, then the social circle will be limited to work colleagues.

A man dreams of a scattering of diamonds for minor troubles, but these problems will eventually lead to money. So do not be alarmed if you saw such a dream: soon your financial affairs will improve.

Dreaming of earrings with diamonds

For women gold diamond earring usually dream of either marrying a rich and handsome member of the stronger sex, or wealth.Earrings with diamonds:

If in a dream you put on earrings , then expect pleasant acquaintances: perhaps on your way you will soon meet a person who will take up a lot of space in your heart.

Was one earring lost in a dream ? Expect small problems from your loved one. He probably lacks something, and you urgently need to spend time together, just talk about the essentials, about what both of you lack.

You found one or two earrings in a dream – wait for a promotion at work, and if you are on vacation or on maternity leave, then a pleasant unexpected surprise awaits you soon. This dream is very good.

If in a dream you can’t find a diamond earring in any way , then you should better take a closer look at your closest friends. Chances are, your best friend or friend is hanging out with you purely out of profit. Analyze their behavior at your leisure, or simply stop sharing the most frank with them.

Collect stones in a dream

If a man dreamed that he was collecting diamonds, then he was moving in the right direction in life, and this person would soon have rapid growth in his career or in achieving his own high goals.

A woman collects stones in a dream – which means she is promised an early pregnancy and a lot of pleasant troubles with future heirs. She can safely go to the store and stock up on ideas for how her future baby’s nursery will look like.Pendants with diamonds:

If you collect diamonds in a dream, and they fall out of your hands, then think about what you are doing wrong. Perhaps you have a job that brings you neither pleasure nor earnings, so it may be worth changing something in this life. It is also possible that something is not working out in your relationship. Either the partner does not understand you, or he pretends not to be the person he wants to appear to be. Think about these aspects of your destiny. Something will have to change soon.

You collect diamonds, and they darken in your hands , which means that you need to rest. You have worked too hard, and all your subsequent efforts will only harm you. Take a vacation, and do it as soon as possible.

If you find gems, take them in your hands, and the stones begin to shine and sing, then be sure: everything is fine in your life, you can even say that it’s not bad. Both at work and in the family, you are moving in the right direction. Continue in the same spirit, and all your even the most intimate and unrealistic dreams will come true.

Big diamond

According to the Family Dream Book , to see a large raw stone in a dream is a sign of dismissal. On the one hand, this is not a very good dream, but on the other hand, something new and interesting awaits you. Perhaps a new job and a new team will open in you that potential that you did not even know about, so do not pay attention to failures, move forward and only forward.A diamond is an unsurpassed gift of nature. There is always something to tell about this stone and it is always interesting to listen, and if the gem visited you in a dream, and the news is favorable, then you are definitely lucky.

But if the stone is of incredible size and shines very beautifully , then in the near future you will meet old friends or your first love. This meeting will bring you a lot of positive emotions, a lot of pleasant memories, and maybe feelings that have been forgotten so long ago will flare up.

A large broken crystal dreams of trouble at work that a person below you in position will bring you. Be careful and very careful: this can be avoided.

Why dream of a diamond ring

Seeing a diamond ring in a dream according to Nostradamus ‘s dream book means that in the near future good luck awaits you , and it will help you in all your endeavors and deeds. If you’ve been putting off something for later, now is the time to start implementing the postponed plans. Everything will go like clockwork for you, you’ll see.

According to Loff ‘s dream book, to dream of a gold ring or a ring with a diamond on your finger means that you will soon get rich. Perhaps you will be returned to the old debt or you can hit the jackpot in the lottery. In any case, this dream is considered very good.

Did you dream that you were presented with a diamond ring in a dream? According to Vanga’s dream book, expect an expensive present. It can be anything. Perhaps someone will present you with just a bouquet of flowers, or maybe at work the boss will appreciate your work and write out a financial reward for a job well done. So in any case, there will be a holiday on your street. Rings with diamonds:

Dream Interpretation Hasse claims that if in a dream you go to buy a diamond ring on your finger , then soon expect a love confession.

I dreamed that diamonds were stolen

According to the modern dream book, if in a dream you saw that your diamond was stolen , then expect trouble. Perhaps someone will set you up at work or problems with betrayal in the family will begin. Do not despair too much: treat the situation with wisdom and patience. Unpleasant situations often occur at work, you just need to be careful. And so that there are no problems in the family, try to pay more attention to your loved ones.

A slightly different opinion is present in Miller’s dream book . It says that if the diamonds were stolen, then a strong envious or jealous person will leave your life. Of course, if this person is your lover, then there is nothing pleasant here, but if nothing emotionally connects you with an envious person, for example, an unpleasant colleague leaves work, then you will really feel much better.

If the diamond falls out of the ring

Various dream books agree that a dream in which you lose a diamond does not bode well. However, remember that such changes are not permanent. Everyone has a light and a dark streak in life. One ends, another begins, and you should not worry too much. And if you do not want the dream to come true , then do as our grandmothers advised us, tell someone about the dream before 12:00, and it will not come true.

Diamonds dream of a woman

Depending on which diamond the woman dreamed of, the dream can be deciphered in different ways:

  • round – soon you will find a good job or your own business will find the patronage of an influential person. Also, such a dream may portend successful employment in a promising company.
  • dear – to wealth and prosperity;
  • multi- colored – a change of residence is coming soon, get ready for the journey;
  • fallen out – troubles, but they will pass quickly and without special material losses;
  • beautiful – in the near future you will have a serious conversation with your superiors, which will bring you income or career growth;
  • muddy – be careful, you will soon meet a cunning person;
  • darkened – you need to relax and take care of yourself, otherwise you will get sick, so pack your things, finish all your business, buy new swimming trunks or a swimsuit and go to warm countries;
  • transparent – to the fidelity of a loved one and excellent relationships in the family;
  • sparkling – for a long trip abroad, from which you will bring a lot of impressions, new knowledge and energy.

Women by nature have a strong energy sensitivity, so if they dreamed of something, then these words should be taken seriously.

A man’s dream about diamonds

For a man, a dream about diamonds is also very positive . If a stone was simply presented in a dream, then you can safely wait for a promotion at work, financial replenishment or an opportunity to earn money.

I dreamed that a lady, a lover or just a girl gave a stone – soon changes in love will begin in life. If you are single, then in the near future you will meet a wonderful girl who will spend your evenings with you. And if you are already in a relationship, then know that soon there will be a wedding in your life. Yes, it’s your wedding.

If a friend gave a stone , expect good news from your inner circle. Perhaps soon you will meet friends with whom you have not been able to communicate for many years.

A diamond received as a gift from parents promises a good inheritance or a particularly expensive gift from relatives for a birthday or the next big holiday. You can watch your parents: if they have some big and pleasant surprise for you, they will look at you with a small hidden smile.

And if a jeweler gave you a stone in a dream , then expect big changes in your worldview. Perhaps you will meet a person who will clarify some issues that were not clear before. Or you will receive information from another source that will open your eyes to a lot. In any case, stay tuned. Men’s jewelry with diamonds:

Regardless of what the dream book dictated to you, be sure that diamonds dream only for good. And if there are small troubles in your life, then remember that all bad things will end soon, and in the near future only positive, good mood, a lot of communication and happiness will await you.

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