school children to get computer training

Why is it so important for school children to get computer training?

There is nothing complicated in it, it is enough just to study. But is it really necessary? Perhaps we should start with the fact that we study everything in our lifetime. Anyone who wants to get hired in well-paid positions obviously needs good training. People have been using computers for over half a century and computer scientists are the most in-demand specialists and some of the most ‘expensive’.

What is the difference between the educational program for school children and that for adults?

First, by the way of submitting the material. For example, in the IT STEP Junior Computer Academy, students acquire practical skills and theoretical knowledge. By undergoing such training at the age of 5-13 years, a child can derive maximum benefit from his computer hobby.

It may seem paradoxical, but the student’s level of knowledge after graduation may be higher than that of many adults who have not received professional computer training. At the same time, the amount of knowledge gained will help the child get off to a good start in IT and get ahead of his counterparts in his future professional development.

What can a student learn who studies at the IT STEP Junior Computer Academy?

Pretty much anything adult computer scientists know how to do! For example, the development of websites and video games. Depending on the children’s interests, our teachers teach character animation, photo and video shooting, and even robot development and the basics of working safely with search engines.

We all receive our education in schools, but the school curriculum is not a professional education. The role of the school is to provide general primary education.

What if a student is interested in computer science? The answer is obvious: develop this interest and pursue professional studies.

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