Why you need a baseball cap: 5 reasons

The baseball cap is one of the main fashion trends of the summer, which once again proves that everything new is a well-forgotten old. Don’t believe? Then here are five more reasons for you to urgently run for a Vetements “Securite” baseball cap or at least the most ordinary basic Nike.


If you live in USA, then you probably know well what a “big village” is. Walking along California and not meeting a single familiar face is not an easy task. A baseball cap is your best defense against “How many years, how many winters? How is life, how are the children, how is work? and other unwanted conversations: you just have to lower your head and cover your face with a visor. True, this does not work with everyone. If you wear the same cap without taking it off, there is a great risk of being recognized precisely by the headdress. So, for example, you can identify DJ Mark Shchedrin on the veranda of a bar by a snow-white baseball cap.


Each of us periodically wakes up 30 minutes before the start of the working day, and there is simply no time to wash our hair (and even more so to style it). What will save you? That’s right, hat. And if “Bad hair day” is also written on it, then you don’t have to explain to colleagues why you are sitting in the office in a headdress.


And here we are back to Trump’s baseball cap. His cap says “Make America great again”, the slogan of his presidential campaign. Rihanna – “I came to break hearts” – the slogan of her life (we know how many hearts Riri broke). And it’s cool: you can not say anything, but just put on a headdress that will speak for itself. Here’s a little life hack for you: buy a classic baseball cap at Asos for 5 dollors, take it to the nearest atelier (or arm yourself with a needle and thread), make your own embroidery on it and hear admiring “Wow, I need one too!” from all friends.


A baseball cap is a self-sufficient accessory. She will save even the most seemingly simple bow, which your followers on Instagram have seen more than once. Whether it’s a painfully simple formula “t-shirt + jeans + sneakers” or “shirt + trousers + pumps” – a cap will add originality to any look.


And, of course, we could not forget about the direct purpose of the baseball cap – to protect the face from the sun’s rays. So for the most sensitive and freckled, it is not only fashionable, but also vital.

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